Nikon S9500  (Source: Nikon)

Nikon S31  (Source: Nikon)

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Nikon P520  (Source: Nikon)
New Nikon cameras cover just about every need

Nikon today has announced several new digital cameras that fall into various point-and-shoot families. Four of the new cameras fall into the company's Coolpix S-series. The S9500 features a wide-angle 25 mm to 550 mm lens giving it 22x optical zoom. The camera also has integrated Wi-Fi to allow easy image sharing and built-in GPS that records the location where photos were taken.

The next camera in the series is the S9400, which features an 18x optical zoom lens and a slim 30.7 mm body. Both the 9400 and 9500 cameras have the same 18.1-megapixel image sensor featuring lens-shift vibration reduction. The cameras also have a three-inch OLED display on the back, can record full HD resolution video, and are available in multiple colors.

The S31 digital camera is ruggedized to withstand drops of up to 1.2 m and is waterproof with the ability to be submerged up to 5 m deep. The camera features effects that can be applied before shooting images and eight filter effects for editing pictures after they're taken. The camera can also add voice messages to images and more.

The final of the four new cameras in the S-series is the S5200 with a 6x optical zoom lens, backside illuminated CMOS sensor with a 16-megapixel resolution, and Wi-Fi capability. The camera has a total of eight glamour retouch effects and more.

The next cameras from Nikon are the Coolpix AW110 and AW110s. The cameras are waterproof and able to withstand cold temperatures. Both cameras feature a five times optical zoom lens, 16-megapixel backside illumination CMOS sensor, and integrated Wi-Fi. The cameras are waterproof to a depth of 18 m allowing them to be used while diving and they're able to withstand drops of up to 2 m.

The cameras feature built-in GPS and three-inch OLED display on the rear. The cameras can also record full resolution HD video. The main difference between the two cameras is that the 110s lacks the GPS POI display, and built-in map of the AW110.

The next the camera is the Coolpix P520 super zoom featuring a 42x optical zoom lens. The camera is able to shoot at super telephoto equivalent of 1000 mm focal length. The camera also features a 3.2-inch variable angle TFT LCD on the back and advanced vibration reduction to reduce blur. The camera can record full HD video at 60i or 50i and has GPS that is able to show points of interest nearby.

The camera has a resolution of 18.1-megapixels and uses a backside illumination CMOS sensor. The GPS capability of camera allows it to record location information for still images and movies. The camera also supports an optional wireless mobile adapter that allows the camera to connect to smartphones and other devices. The camera has a burst mode allowing users shoot up to seven frames in a single burst and the camera comes in three colors.

The last of the new cameras comes in the Coolpix L Series including the L820, L28, and L27. The L820 has a 30x optical zoom lens and vibration reduction to help eliminate blur. The camera resolution is 16-megapixels and the camera features a night landscape scene mode and a number of other automatic modes. The camera is capable of recording full HD resolution movies and has a three-inch LCD on the back with variable angles.

The L28 uses a 20.1-megapixel CCD sensor and features 5x optical zoom. The camera is designed to be compact and easy-to-use and features a three-inch LCD on the back. The L27 uses a 16.1-megapixel CCD sensor with 5x optical zoom. The camera features a 2.7-inch rear LCD and is available in five different colors.
Pricing and availability details on all of the new cameras is unknown at this time.

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