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$10,750 discount includes $7,500 federal tax credit

Electric vehicles aren't exactly selling in droves for automakers around the world. Many of today’s highly efficient gasoline-engine vehicles are offering such high fuel efficiency ratings that it makes little sense to pay the extra money for hybrids or EV for many consumers (that is unless you live in California).

Ford is trying to get customers to lease its Focus EV electric vehicle and is offering significant discounts to land buyers. Ford has announced that it has dropped the base price of the Focus EV by $2,000 on cash purchases. Ford is also offering as much is $10,750 off the cost of a three-year lease.

Ford also plans to offer 1.9% financing on the Focus EV if purchased through Ford Motor Credit. The Focus EV didn't have a good 2012 with Ford selling only 685 of 1,627 vehicles it built. That sales rate made the Focus EV one of the worst performers in the industry.

Ford isn't alone in having to discount its electric vehicles to get consumers more interested; Nissan also recently dropped the price of its 2013 Leaf by 18%. The Leaf now starts at $28,800 and Nissan is offering new incentives to help boost sales.

"We certainly are not in a situation where we have to completely discount but we do have to respond to competitive pressures," Ford spokesman Wes Sherwood said. "We're not anywhere close where Nissan has gone with the Leaf."

The Ford lease offer is on Red Carpet leases if buyers take retail delivery by April 1. If the buyer meets those conditions, they will receive $10,750 off (a figure which includes the $7,500 federal tax credit).
The MSRP for the Focus EV base model is $39,995, while the new price for cash purchases is $37,995.

Source: Detroit News

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RE: high sticker
By JediJeb on 1/26/2013 9:43:03 AM , Rating: 2
I just can't get leasing, even my dealer told me to not take a lease if I could purchase. After 14 years of no car payment I can't imagine paying $253 per month for three years and then turn around and do it again and again and again and again to equal how long I have owned my current vehicle.

RE: high sticker
By Spuke on 1/26/2013 3:37:33 PM , Rating: 2
I've leased before (doing it now for the wife) and it makes sense if you're a turn around and do it again type of person which is the VAST majority of car buyers. Most people buy a car, pay it off (maybe) then turn around get another loan, buy a new car, pay it off, wash, rinse, repeat. Why not lease if you're going to just do that? It's WAY less money out of pocket, maintenance is way lower, IMO it just makes sense for that kind of buyer (which literally is most everyone). If you keep cars for much longer than the average person, leasing is stupid, if you buy the car at the end of the lease, leasing is stupid. I don't lease MY car as I keep it for a while (my present car will be at least 7 years old, well over 100k miles before I buy and the replacement will be a used one and I might keep that one even longer) but my wife will not put more than 120k on a daily driver (and that mileage is a stretch). Doesn't make a lick of sense to get a loan, pay it off then do it again.

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