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City "exercise its right" to remove those looking to stand in the way of "progress"

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald [Naperville]

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RE: Simple solution
By George Karadimas on 1/25/2013 7:36:56 AM , Rating: 2
Where did you get your $100K estimate?

Check on ebay! A 5 Kilowatt system costs $10K

It is a lot easier and much less expensive to VOTE with your departure from the Electric utility monopolies.

Of course if you live in a closet and do not own your roof, this option is not for you!

And that is where AGENDA 21 wants you to be.
Sustainable development for the Elite (Of their your expense!)

You got to love Technology as it is being implemented!

RE: Simple solution
By ven1ger on 1/25/2013 4:30:15 PM , Rating: 2
A $10K system probably only gets you the panels, and what sort of quality they are may be some cheap Asian import with extremely limited warranty.

That $10K will probably end up costing more than double by the time you get it installed. How well they last or work depends on their quality and the solar industry is being swamped by cheaper, lesser quality materials from Asia.

RE: Simple solution
By George Karadimas on 1/25/2013 6:45:14 PM , Rating: 2
Checking the Ebay solar panel posts , I find reputable manufacturers.

Yeah if one has butterfingers, and does not know the difference between a right hand and a left hand flat screwdriver, it will cost them twice the 10K US$ to have them installed.

Anyways, the point was that there are alternatives for those that want to Declare their Independence from the shyster Electric utilities and their abusive practices.

Before Solar coming to age, there was no real alternative.

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