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Nokia now has a 3-D printing development kit for the Lumia 820

One of the most promising technologies that has developed (and been cost reduced) over the last several years in the tech word has to be 3-D printing. 3-D printing allows manufacturers to quickly prototype products using varying materials, and Nokia is now talking about its efforts in the field with the Lumia 820 3-D printing community project.

The key to the 3-D printing community project has to do with the creation and release of the number of 3-D templates, case specifications, recommended materials, and best practices. The idea is to allow the community to 3-D print their own shell for Lumia 820 smartphone. The removable shell of the phone is one of the most interesting design features of this Windows Phone 8 device.

Nokia says that it is offering the required files and documents for 3-D printing your own shell for the smartphone as the 3-D printing Development Kit or 3DK.

Nokia Community & Developer Marketing Manager John Kneeland said of 3-D printing, "In the future, I envision wildly more modular and customizable phones. Perhaps in addition to our own beautifully-designed phones, we could sell some kind of phone template, and entrepreneurs the world over could build a local business on building phones precisely tailored to the needs of his or her local community. You want a waterproof, glow-in-the-dark phone with a bottle-opener and a solar charger? Someone can build it for you—or you can print it yourself!"

Being able to 3-D printed custom cases for Nokia smartphones is an interesting feature. While most consumers don't have access to a 3-D printer (although Staples is looking to change this), the Nokia 3DK does open the door for 3-D printing companies to start producing all sorts of interesting accessories for the Lumia 820

Source: Nokia

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its a sad day when...
By Nortel on 1/18/2013 10:20:35 AM , Rating: -1
The removable shell of the phone is one of the most interesting design features of this Windows Phone 8 device.

imho, this is hysterical. My calculator 10 years ago had a removable faceplate and now we have a snap on case back that is seen as an amazing design feature. This 3D printing inititive by Nokia is all a gimmick. They could include 7 different colored case backs in the box but now they want you to buy a 3d printer solely to make your own case backs? Its ludicrous.

RE: its a sad day when...
By Totally on 1/18/2013 2:26:40 PM , Rating: 1
What's really sad us that you stopped reading at that point and made the most ignorant post relevant to the subject. In in plainspeak just in case you did read the article in it's entirety and just didn'T get it Nokia wants to create a build your own cell phone market similar to what pc enthusiasts and builders have been enjoying for the past 3 decades with their product as the backbone. This surprises make because I would sooner expect a push like this from a big pc industry giants with build your own laptops(disregarding the few token efforts by smaller companies) than a with cell phones from a cell phone company. This is innovation.

RE: its a sad day when...
By kyuuketsuki on 1/18/2013 3:27:58 PM , Rating: 1
You don't have to buy your own 3-D printer. There are websites that offer 3-D printing services, and places like Staples will have the service in-store before long. Also, people could start small business that print custom accessories using 3-D printers.

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