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The number used to be 25,000 signatures

The White House recently increased the number of signatures needed on its "We the People" petition site from 25,000 to 100,000.

"We the People" is a website where users can create and apply online signatures to petitions. When the number of signatures on a petition exceeded 25,000, it will receive a comment from the White House.

When the site launched in 2011, only 5,000 signatures were needed. As the number of users grew, the number was raised to 25,000. Now, the site has grown even more and 100,000 is the new number to beat.

However, any petitions that were existing before the new 100,000 rule will remain under the 25,000 signature rule. As of right now, there are a little under 40 petitions that have passed the 25,000 signature mark.

Source: NBC News

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Bama can't stand the heat
By Beenthere on 1/18/2013 10:20:16 AM , Rating: -1
Bama and the clowns in the White House can't deal with the outrage from the citizens over injust actions by the fools in DC. The DC criminals used the petitions to promote their tripe and unpopular political views and when the people rebelled they said "let them eat cake". History has shown that there is a price to pay for such a mentality.

While millions of people in America literally starve to death, lose their job, home, retirement, etc. due to the failed economic, energy and immigration policies of the criminals in DC, the evil, calous, disgusting degenerates spend tax payer dollars by the BILLIONS on inaugurations, E15 fuel programs, EPA mandated 54.5 mpg CAFE standards, etc. which hurt ALL of the American populace.

I hope the evil bastards in DC get the "justice" that Mary Antoinette got.

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs

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