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Some believe donkey may just be resting, not dead

The internet was abuzz when Google Inc.'s (GOOG"Street View" cars -- camera equipped vehicles engaged in capture a massive street level photographic view of the world's streets -- captured images of a donkey lying in an Indian street.  The donkey looked badly injured or possibly dead, and the car tracks in the image looked somewhat like the Google car might have struck it.

But Google is firing back, insisting that it did not hit the donkey.  A Google spokesperson is quoted as saying, "Our Street View teams take the safety of people and donkeys very seriously."

Some commenters sought to dispel the heated debate, arguing that the donkey might not be dead or dying at all, but merely resting in the street.  They point out that it could have walked out and laid down in the road after the Google Street View car came by.

Google Street View donkey
Some folks are upset about images of what looks like a dead donkey that were captured by a Google Street View car in India. [Image Source:]

Google Street View cars have not always been popular in guest nations.  The cars have been chased out of some towns, and Google has admitted to using the cars in an illicit project to collect data from open Wi-Fi networks.  And manymany nations have expressed concerns about the privacy of individuals photographed by the passing cars.

Last June the city of Bangalore kicked out the Street View cars for an interesting new reason.  The city's police complained that Google's highly detailed images could be used by terrorists to help plan their attacks.  The state capital was hit by deadly terrorist bombings back in 2008.

Sources: News Australia, DNA India

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Speaking as an expert...
By Motoman on 1/16/2013 3:53:52 PM , Rating: 2
...of all things ass-related...well, OK, I own a horse ranch. All equines, and we've had donkeys here before...

If you showed me that picture, my first reaction was that you snapped a photo of a donkey in the process of rolling on it's back on the flat ground. Which is something that equines like to do on a regular basis. In fact, the texture of that road looks exactly like the sort of surface that equines prefer to use for their rolling shenanigans.

Also...if the Google car had hit the donkey, it probably would have been destroyed. The car, that, no longer drivable. I see nothing in that picture, like car tracks on the road or donkey, that suggests to me that the car rammed that ass.

RE: Speaking as an expert...
By geekman1024 on 1/16/2013 10:08:46 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed, on the Google Car part.

In order to capture clear and steady images, the car cannot go too fast, I'll guess it's running at 40~50KM/h, so that it will not be causing traffic slowdown while on the road. That kind of speed would be hardly enough to kill a large animal such as a donkey, breaking a few ribs or a limb or two, maybe, but not killing it...

The car need to be at over 80KM/h to deal deadly injury, and that donkey surely won't be in one piece after such close encounter.

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