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Maine will ban E15 if at least two other New England states follow suit

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is working on a bill that would ban E15 fuel blends from being sold within the state. E15 is a blend of fuel that has 15% ethanol content compared to the E10 with 10% ethanol that is common across the country today. The United States EPA approved the sale of E15 in June of 2012.

However, filling stations have been very slow to adopt the new E15 blend and as of now, the fuel is only available at 10 stations in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. The Maine Department of Environmental Protection says that it will ban E15 blends within the state if at least two other New England states go along with the prohibition.

The move comes amid concerns that many vehicles on the highways today and most small engines don't support the higher ethanol content in E15 fuel. The ethanol industry is reportedly aggressively marketing the new E15 blend in seeking to spread its availability outside of the current small footprint.

“We see the writing on the wall from the feds, and we want to make sure that Maine consumers and businesses are protected if others in the region are doing the same,” said DEP spokeswoman Samantha DePoy-Warren.

AAA recently conducted a survey and found that five automotive manufacturers specifically state warranties do not cover E15 related engine damage. Eight other automakers have said that E15 fuel does not comply with their vehicles fuel requirements. On the flipside, the Renewable Fuels Association, an ethanol industry association, claimed that 60% of the light-duty vehicles on the roads within the U.S. today can use E15 fuel blend.

Source: Bangor Daily News

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RE: Ethanol Fuel is a Bad Idea
By tastyratz on 1/15/2013 11:17:59 AM , Rating: 2
The agri lobbyists don't care if you saved 15% gas, they care that you used 15% ethanol. It's strictly a business decision.

And it's not cheaper to produce, it's extremely expensive but tax SUBSIDIED. It takes more than 1 gallon of petrolatum fuel to produce 1 gallon of ethanol right now, it is net negative.

Doesn't matter what cool tech's we read about here, it's big corn that makes the push - and they aren't behind switchgrass/algae/unicorn dust. They are behind corn.

RE: Ethanol Fuel is a Bad Idea
By kattanna on 1/15/2013 11:52:49 AM , Rating: 2
unicorn dust

since we all know now that north korea has unicorns.. maybe we can try them and find out for sure


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