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PC industry slumps as Windows 8 fails to drive upgrades

Manufacturers in the computer industry were optimistic for the launch of Windows 8. Computer manufacturers and Microsoft hoped that the launch of Microsoft's latest version of its Windows operating system would spur consumers and businesses to upgrade and buy new PCs. However, IDC reports that Windows 8 did not have the impact expected for the computer market.

The research has offered up its numbers for Q4 2012 for the computer industry, and the results are far from positive. IDC reports that worldwide PC shipments totaled 89.8 million units in Q4 2012, representing a decline of 6.4% compared to Q4 2011. The decline during Q4 was worse than the forecasted decline of 4.4% for the computer market.

Lackluster sales during Q4 2012 marked the first time in more than five years that the PC market has seen a year-over-year decline during the holiday shopping season. The computer market continues to be challenged with the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones that many consumers are purchasing instead of upgrading computers.

"Lost in the shuffle to promote a touch-centric PC, vendors have not forcefully stressed other features that promote a more secure, reliable and efficient user experience,” said Jay Chou, senior research analyst with IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. “As Windows 8 matures, and other corresponding variables such as Ultrabook pricing continue to drop, hopefully the PC market can see a reset in both messaging and demand in 2013."

HP maintained the top position in the worldwide rankings for Q4 2012. Lenovo outpaced the market with growth of over 8% landing in the second place for the global computer market. Rounding out the top five PC vendors in order by sales volume are Dell, Acer, and ASUS.

Source: IDC

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Summary of Windows xp
By wordsworm on 1/11/2013 4:09:18 PM , Rating: 0
Once upon a time, you could run XP on 64 megabytes.. not well, but it would run. Now, you need 1GB for it to run like it used to on the slow minimum. They have added so much garbage it's become too bloated to do anything with. Windows 7 cleaned it out a bit... but Windows 8 is, as another guy wrote, "Greased Lightening." I'm going to see how true that is tomorrow when I replace someone's XP with it to see if his claims are correct.

However, I did a little experiment at the store before I bought my current machine. One machine had Windows 7 on it with SSD. The other Windows 8 with a common hard drive. While the SSD chugged out the necessary code to operate the machine, I impatiently watched it take 20 seconds to complete a boot. My current system with the 7200 RPM 2TB drive will boot the system in 3 seconds.

The dumbest comments I keep running across like this, "Where's the start button, *bleep bleep bleep*?" The start button was replaced by a larger more manageable start page. It takes no time at all to figure this out and how to operate and take care of your computer in mostly the same way as I used to with XP/Vista/7. I just had to do a little research. All the excuses for not using it keep coming out and I keep thinking that the person is a moron for not realizing that they can easily replace the OS to get a 'like-new' computer. $100 bucks for a computer that's like new... and they whine and complain about how MS isn't listening. This is the first great OS they've ever done, and I cannot understand how people are blind to it.

RE: Summary of Windows xp
By retrospooty on 1/11/2013 4:23:08 PM , Rating: 2
I dont know. I like some of the improvements, and I think its good for a touch screen device for sure, but when using it on a PC or laptop, the UI is just irritating. Its not that I cant find things, its all there... I just find myself irritated when using it. That and its fugly.

RE: Summary of Windows xp
By cyberserf on 1/12/2013 12:02:56 AM , Rating: 2
just put the XP GUI with aero and boom we have s SMASH HIT!
not the crayola drawing OS we have now.

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