Silverstone continues is campaign to conquer a variety of system building niches

Silverstone Technology, a Taiwanese maker of computer cases, power supplies, and other peripherals was hard at work at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show.  After last year emphasizing its positive-pressure airflow designs, this year Silverstone's focus was on expanding in the HTPC niche and revamping one of its most popular cases -- both responses to customer feedback.

On the HTPC side, Silverstone is following up on its ML03 case, which was a top seller last year.  To fulfill the growing demand for HTPC form factors among system-building enthusiasts, Silverstone is adding one smaller and larger case -- the ML03 and ML05.  

The ML05 is a mini-ITX case, which uses a small form-factor (SFX) power supply.  It has a PCI-Express slot, but it will need a short/half-height graphics card due to the size constraints.  A slim optical drive mount is also included, which can pin a slim DVD/CD/Blu-Ray drive above the motherboard/CPU heatsink.

Soilverstone ML05
Silverstone ML05

The ML04 gives you quite a bit more room, housing a microATX form-factor motherboard and a full ATX power supply.  There's a brushed aluminum faceplate, a hidden optical drive slot, one 5.25" drive bay, dual 3.5" drive slots, and four 3.5" bays.

Silverstone ML04

The ML04 will ship in Q2 2013 and be priced at $70 USD, according to our conversation with a Silverstone product expert (The Tech Report was told that the unit would ship in April at a price of $99 so there may be some confusion regarding the price).  The petite ML05 will ship in Q1 2013 (the next couple months) at a $50 USD price point.

Silverstone also showed off its new SG10 cases, which gives the best-selling SG09 case a makeover.  Where the SG09 went for a "car grill" look with a plasticky faceplate, the SG10 aims for a "bookshelf speaker" style.  It features a 7-millimeter thick aluminum front panel, which is very thick as far as this style of case goes.  It also features removable filters for the fans, for easier cleaning.

Silverstone SG10
Silverstone SG10

The SG10 will ship in Q1 2013 and will bump the price to $119 USD (versus $100 for the SG09).

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