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Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that the Wii U isn't flying off of store shelves as quickly as the original Wii

The Wii U video game console was released at a particularly challenging time as mobile devices move in on the gaming sector, but Nintendo said sales were "steady" at the end of the Christmas season.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that the Wii U isn't flying off of store shelves as quickly as the original Wii, citing problems like the popularity of mobile devices for gaming and the fact that this is the first time Nintendo has released two versions of a console at once.

However, Iwata mentioned that sales are not disappointing by any means. He failed to mention any exact numbers.

"At the end of the Christmas season, it wasn't as though stores in the U.S. had no Wii U left in stock, as it was when Wii was first sold in that popular boom. But sales are not bad, and I feel it's selling steadily," said Iwata.

Back in October, Nintendo said it wanted to sell 5.5 million Wii U's by the end of March 2013. In the first week of launch, about 400,000 consoles were sold.

The company sold 638,339 consoles in Japan between December 8 and December 30.

While cheap game apps on mobile devices have stolen some of the spotlight from consoles like the Wii U, Nintendo plans to offer attractive games for its portable 3DS in order to compete. It's also looking to better balance its sales between both versions of the Wii U to increase sales.

"It was the first time Nintendo released two models of the game console at the same time ... and I believe there was a challenge with balancing this. Specifically, inventory levels for the premium, deluxe package was unbalanced as many people wanted that version and couldn't find it," said Iwata.

The Wii U launched November 18, 2012. The Basic Set ($299.99) features 8 GB HDD, a Wii U Pad controller and it in comes in white. The Deluxe model ($349.99), on the other hand, offers 32 GB HDD, a Wii U Pad controller, power cradles for the Wii U Pad, an HDMI cable and it comes in black. 

Source: Reuters

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Sales Figures...
By Rinslowe on 1/7/2013 9:02:07 PM , Rating: 4
What is the point in emphasizing the fact Iwata didn't mention exact sales figures, it's not like they're a secret. Anyone with access to the Internet can easily piece a rough, albeit mostly accurate picture together.

And what do the current sales figures say for the most part?

4 Weeks Wii U USA Sales, launch date Nov. 18:
- WiiU: 849,068
- Wii: 864,647
- PS3: 378,603
- X360: 477,303

So, the WiiU did 98% of the Wii, 224% of the PS3 and 178% of the X360. Looks excellent.

3 Weeks Wii U Europe Sales, launch date Nov. 30:
- WiiU: 340,310
- Wii: 618,450
- PS3: 691,843
- X360: 403,037

So the WiiU in Europe did 55% of the Wii, 49% PS3 and 84% X360. Bad here.

2 Weeks Wii U Japan Sales, launch date Dec 8th:
- Wii U: 437,390
- Wii: 460,235
- PS3: 130,335
- X360: 65,430

In japan we have 95% Wii, 335% PS3 and 668% X360.

4 Weeks Worldwide Comparison:
Keep in mind, the consoles didn't launch worldwide at the same time, so this is skewed. The comparison works against the Wii though, it was also launched in different regions in sequential weeks.

- WiiU: 1,817,166
- Wii: 2,071,242
- PS3: 524,687
- X360: 948,162

That's 88% Wii, 346% PS3, 192% X360. Pretty decent.
And this information you can find here:

If you find that hard to believe then a more in-depth search on region by region shows pretty much the same thing...

I'd say that Nintendo's Wii U is off to a decent start, wouldn't U?

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