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New digital cameras coming next month

Canon has rolled out several new digital cameras that slot in its consumer-centric PowerShot line. The new cameras include the ELPH 130 IS, A2600, and A1400. Canon has also unveiled the new PowerShot N digital camera.
First up is the ELPH 130 IS, which supports the free Canon CameraWindow app available for Android or Apple gadgets allowing the wireless transfer of photos and video from the camera to the portable device. The camera also has the ability to connect directly to compatible Canon photograph printers for wireless photo printing. The camera has an eight times optical zoom lens that is 28 mm wide and features a 16-megapixel sensor. The camera uses Cannon's DIGIC 4 image processor. Other features include a three-inch rear LCD, Smart Auto setting, and intelligent image stabilization. The camera will ship in February for $199.99.

PowerShot Elph 130 IS

The A2600 is a user-friendly digital camera with a 16-megapixel sensor at five times optical zoom lens. The lens is 28 mm wide angle, and the camera features Smart Auto to recognize and choose the best settings from 32 common shooting scenarios. The camera is able to record 720p resolution video and has a dedicated movie button. The camera has a three-inch rear LCD screen and features digital image stabilization. The camera will ship in February with five color options at a price of $149.99.

The A1400 has an optical viewfinder and a 16-megapixel image sensor. The camera uses the DIGIC 4 processor and features a 28 mm wide-angle lens with five times optical zoom. The camera can record HD video and gets power from a pair of AA batteries. The camera also has integrated digital image stabilization and multiple scene modes to give photos artistic style. This camera will launch in February for $109.99.

PowerShot A1400

The last of the new Canon digital cameras is the PowerShot N described as the ultimate storytelling tool. The camera features a new imaging mode that analyzes an image and automatically creates a series of five artistic photos of the original with varying composition, lighting, and color. The camera has a 2.8-inch capacitive tilting LCD that can be controlled with a touch. The camera also features a shutter and zoom ring on the top and bottom allowing pictures to be snapped from any position.

PowerShot N

The camera features an eight times optical zoom with a 28 mm wide-angle lens. The camera uses a 12.1-megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS sensor and uses the DIGIC 5 image processor. It can record full HD resolution video and has integrated face identification. The camera is expected to launch in April of 2013 $299.99.

Sources: Canon, Canon

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Waiting for an Android Canon...
By wordsworm on 1/7/2013 1:46:17 PM , Rating: 2
I think that Samsung is leading in terms of software in the camera. Coming out with an Android camera was brilliant. I have heard rumours that you can even use it as a phone.

I hope Canon can make an Android PowerShot.. maybe GX2?

RE: Waiting for an Android Canon...
By 91TTZ on 1/7/2013 3:14:51 PM , Rating: 4
What would be the purpose of having Android on a Canon camera? The #1 purpose of a camera is to take pictures and videos. Why have a bloated OS running Java programs when they can use something more specific such as a real-time OS that handles the output from ASICs?

It's amazing just how much overhead an OS can add to an electronic device. My old VCR from the 1980's had menus which responded almost instantaneously, whereas my DVD player from only a couple of years ago has a pretty bad delay since the OS is Linux-based.

When I program something in an interpreted, high level language like Python running on my i7 CPU, that program executes way slower than it otherwise could have if I treated the CPU like a microcontroller. My Arduino runs the programs just as quickly, and that's using a very low power 8 bit CPU that's thousands of times slower than my i7.

By wordsworm on 1/7/2013 7:30:04 PM , Rating: 2
Canon and Nikon make the best small format cameras in the world. Using Android directly on the camera, I would hope, would allow for better remote control of the device, as well as the ability to use apps directly with it.

For the sake of argument, let's say I would like to mount a smallish camera (and no, this isn't directly related to my initial comment, as a real camera would probably be too heavy for most of those) on one of those remote controlled helicopters. I would be able to take control that device with an Android device. Or, I would be able to use images with a networked wireless keyboard to write articles with whatever purpose in mind.

I'm sure it wouldn't be the easiest thing in the world to make both Canon's OS and Google's OS work together... but... Perhaps Canon could redesign their CPU to have an independent core (or two) to operate the photographic and videographic operations while another (or two) could operate the Android OS.

I will have to check that Samsung camera out when I have an extra $500 burning a hole in my pocket.

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