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Oregon drivers getting at least 55 MPG may have to pay a driving tax

Everyone who drives a gasoline or diesel powered vehicle on the streets in the United States pays taxes that go towards keeping the roads around the country and within your local community in good condition. We pay these taxes at the pump when we buy fuel.
However, one of the side effects to the Obama administration's push to get Americans to buy more fuel-efficient electric or hybrid vehicles is that the amount of money raised in fuel taxes by states is decreasing. The Oregon state legislature is reportedly considering a bill that would require drivers of vehicles getting at least 55 mpg to pay a tax on each mile driven after 2015.
The bill would also give drivers the option of paying a flat tax amount annually. Currently, taxes on fuel within the state of Oregon are 30 cents per gallon.

“Everybody uses the road and if some pay and some don’t then that’s an unfair situation that’s got to be resolved,” said Jim Whitty, manager of the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Office of Innovative Partnerships and Alternative Funding.

Oregon isn't the only state considering charging drivers of fuel-efficient vehicles attacks on the miles they drive; Nevada and Washington are also looking at per mile charges. Drivers of electric vehicles in Washington will begin paying an annual fee in March.

Automotive manufacturers and dealers see this proposed per mile tax as a significant hindrance to the mass adoption of hybrid and fully-electric vehicles.

Sources: Statesman Journal, Southern California Public Radio

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RE: Dolts
By othercents on 1/4/2013 11:01:17 AM , Rating: 2
I could see requiring a trip to the emissions center every year when you re-register your vehicle. They would check your odometer, subtract last years total, run it through an algorithm, which accounts for your vehicle specs, and then spits out a road tax that you pay with your registration fee. But they won't do it that way.

Problem with that is if you traveled through other states, or work in one state while live in another. Then you also have those vehicles going or coming from other countries.

NOTE: Europe has this tax also and each country does it differently. An automated toll system is probably the better way, however in reality a $100 per year tax on all vehicles and removing or lowering the fuel tax is a much easier system.

RE: Dolts
By theapparition on 1/7/2013 9:44:55 AM , Rating: 2
How many childless homeowners pay a percentage of their homes value for the local school system? Or how about for municipal projects that you may not use (library, local rec center, etc).

We already pay set rate taxes for federal or state projects we'll never use in our lifetime.

But if the agenda is to decrease the dependance on gasoline, they should worry less about taxing the 1% who have hybrids/electric and instead increase taxes on the 99% who still use gas.

Once the technology matures, becomes cheaper and more adopted, then they should look at other tax measures.

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