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ASUS will use Leap Motion's controller to do so

ASUS is partnering with Leap Motion for new 3D motion-control notebooks and All-in-One (AIO) PCs.

Leap Motion is a startup that develops advanced motion sensing technology for human-computer interaction. The company will bundle its Leap Motion controller, which is capable of tracking movements to 1/100th millimeter with no visible lag time, with some of ASUS' notebooks and AIO PCs. The idea is to create a revolutionary new user interface on premium computers.

"Our commitment to innovation and exceptional quality drive us to provide the best technology to our consumers," said Albert Wu, Desktop Division Senior Director at ASUSTek. "Leap Motion has developed an exciting technology that will truly enhance the experience our customers have with their ASUS devices, opening a world of opportunity for personal use and business, from entertainment to architecture to education. We're proud to be one of the first companies to partner with Leap Motion."

The Leap Motion controller can also track individual fingers on a hand at 290 frames per second with a 150-degree field of view. This will allow users with certain upcoming ASUS computers to interact with their devices unlike ever before.

"As OEMs adopt 3-D motion control technology, they're spurring a rapid evolution in computer interface innovations and helping free the full power and potential of computing for consumers," said Leap Motion co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald. "This historic partnership with ASUS is an important step in building global adoption of the new computing paradigm Leap Motion's technology offers. We're delighted that ASUS shares our outlook on the future of human/computer interaction."

ASUS is already a big player in the PC and tablet realm. In October 2012, the company reported favorable earnings and sales for the third quarter including 5 million notebook PC shipments (up 14 percent) and 2.3 million tablet PC shipments (up 287.5 percent). ASUS also noted that it holds 7.3 percent of the personal computer market.

Source: Yahoo

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RE: Good news
By othercents on 1/4/2013 8:31:29 AM , Rating: 2
You pair the LEAP controller with a desktop running Windows 8, and now you are able to do the touch stuff without actually touching the screen. This could also be your controller for your tv, so you can run Windows 8, but be way back at your couch controlling it via a near by LEAP controller. The possibilities are nice.

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