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It’s been an interesting month for to say the least. A police raid of their servers, an impressive reorganization and re-launch in another country in less than 4 days, accusations that the US government pressured the action and the political wake it has caused in Sweden has been remarkable to say the least.

Earlier this month servers, under pressure from US diplomatic channels it is alleged, were raided and confiscated by the Swedish police in relation to an ongoing investigation by the US MPAA. Celebration for the MPAA was short lived however as the site was back online in less than three days while relocated its operation temporarily to a datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  On June 15th moved back to its home in Sweden in a final insult to the MPAA -- which included a less than friendly message in the reverse DNS of the new server home.

News reports in Sweden (YouTube)  allege that the MPAA has pressured the US to threaten sanctions against Sweden if the country does not move to better protect intellectual property rights in the country.  ThePirateBay's blog further alleges that the MPAA hired a private investigator to tail site employees.

The entire ordeal has backfired horribly for the MPAA, as’s traffic has quadrupled since the raid reaching the top 500 on Alexa's site index.

The Swedish media has slammed the state action taken by the Swedish Government. Piratpartiet, a Swedish political party advocating DRM and IP reform founded in the wake of TPB's raids has gained considerable headway, so much so that a similar party has been started in the United States.

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US law in Sweden?
By Viditor on 6/25/2006 12:35:24 PM , Rating: 3
I find it quite ironic that after the Bush administration withdrew support for the World Court (ICC), they find themselves unable to enforce copyright laws around the world.
What the PirateBay does is in no way illegal in Sweden, because they never distribute or have copyrighted material on their's only the US Sepreme Court's decision in June of 2005 that even makes it illegal in the US.
Now the US is threatening trade sanctions to enforce local US law in other countries? Sweden's law is within International Copyright laws, so I don't see where the US has a case...unless they are planning to openly abuse their trading power.

RE: US law in Sweden?
By Saist on 6/25/2006 3:04:33 PM , Rating: 3
Then it's up to the citizens of the US to inform their senators and the friends to the liberal democrats in the RIAA and MPAA that it's time for them to shut up.

And, btw. Nice try to attempt to link Bush to this. Sorry Pal. Attempt failed. Mass media is controlled and owned by hardcore leftists who HATE Bush. In case you didn't realize it by the massive amount of anti-Bush writings from the AP, Reuters, CNN, NBC, and ABC. Somehow I highly doubt that a card carrying Liberal in the employ of the RIAA or the MPAA is really going to be interested in working with a card Carrying Conservative like President Bush.

RE: US law in Sweden?
By johnsonx on 6/26/2006 8:15:20 PM , Rating: 2

What the hell ever gave you the idea that Bush is a conservative?

Like the old saying goes, "With 'conservatives' like these, who needs liberals?"

Conservatively Bush?
By Pete84 on 6/27/2006 2:09:15 AM , Rating: 2
President Bush is definitely not a conservative in a classic, Reagan conservative sense. As has been pointed out numerous times in numerous venues, he is a Republican first, and (perhaps? maybe?) a conservative second.

And if I use the word "conservative" one more time, somebody shoot me.

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