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Marketing move would simplify brand names, but not everyone is happy

For two generations of accelerated processing units (APUs) -- Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.'s (AMD) CPU+GPU single die affordability/mobility-focused solution -- the word "VISION" has been tacked on to indicate that the chip is an APU.  The branding first popped up in the Llano/Zacate/Ontario/Desna and continued with the second-gen Trinity/Brazos 2.0/Hondo designs.

SemiAccurate reports, though, that the VISION brand is about to be killed off (for now AMD's VISION brand homepage appears alive, but that could soon change).  

The APUs will simply snip the designation -- for example "AMD VISION A10" will become "AMD A10".  The site doesn't appear entirely happy with this change -- Leo Yim complains:

At the end, the move to the new branding doesn’t benefit the customers much, or help to make better purchase decisions. Besides the respective price points for different APU platforms, nothing substantial is achieved with this purely marketing decision.

But he acknowledges that the move does simplify things and doesn't have that big an impact ultimately.

AMD Vision
AMD is rumored to be clipping the "VISION" brand name.

AMD recently rolled out its Piledriver-core based FX series chips (code-name: Vishera).  A mid-range Piledriver-based APU dubbed Richland is also expected to be incoming, based on roadmap leaks.

A new 28 nm low-power APU core (for the A6/A4/E2/E1 models) will land in mid-2013. Code-named Kabini, AMD has said that the power-efficient chip will pack a more-powerful DirectX 11.1-compatible GPU core.  AMD is rumored to be relying primarily on ball-grid-array (BGA) designs for Kabini, nixing upgrade routes.

Source: SemiAccurate

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RE: No big deal IMO
By nocturne on 12/31/2012 3:31:43 PM , Rating: 2
My phenom-I and 7xx series platform went through 3 different names during it's relatively short life.. Do I care, or were the naming conventions at all confusing..? Not at all.. just new names to put on the slideshows.

RE: No big deal IMO
By V-Money on 12/31/2012 4:50:23 PM , Rating: 2
Whereas I agree it isn't a "huge" deal, naming schemes can definitely be annoying sometimes. For instance, my beloved 2 year old GX660R laptop is finally on its last legs (not really, but the power cord connector is loose so I have to jiggle the power cord a lot, I just figured I would use this as an excuse to buy a new one since it's kind of annoying. I just finished playing Hitman Absolution on it and it ran it no problems with mostly high settings at 1920x1080.)

Anyways, it has a core i7-740QM and a mobility Radeon HD5870. On the processor side of things I ended up with the i7-3630QM, which I guess is fairly simple considering the number is bigger, but unless you know anything about computers you might miss that the new processor is 2 generations newer than the old one. On the graphics side of things though it was a nightmare trying to sort through all of the naming schemes (especially when cross referencing AMD and Nvidia cards). A higher number doesn't mean anything, especially on the mobile side of things. I ended up going with the GTX 675m. Its a decent upgrade and I couldn't justify the price for the 680m (I tried, its a wonderful card, but not enough for the price difference). I figure I like the 15" laptops and since the 675M is significantly faster than what I have now, it will last me at least a couple more years. It took me a long time though to sort through all the different cards offered in the various branded products. I eventually settled on the GT-60 since I love the laptop I have now and its just the newer version of it.

RE: No big deal IMO
By Belard on 1/1/2013 2:47:34 AM , Rating: 2
Yep... the model names mean so little. Luckily, there is a dedicated notebook site that tracks and tests ALL notebook CPUs and GPU and presents it in a way that is understandable.

Go here:

Left side is CPU, right side is GPU, try out all the links as they display different kinds of information. Using this site made it possible to figure out how a new intel G-CPU compares to an older Core2 or Core-i3 CPU, etc etc..

Start with this one:

You can use its default game list or edit it a bit and will will show FPS comparison in a large but understandable chart on a single page.

RE: No big deal IMO
By FaceMaster on 1/1/2013 9:13:12 AM , Rating: 2
Wow, that had nothing to do with the topic in question and sounds more like you bragging about your new laptop, along with stealth-bragging about how decent your old one still was.

What would be relevant is if, say, you didn't want to buy a geforce 6800 because it no longer has the 'fx' title that the 5000 series did. I can't actually think of any other examples at the moment. Maybe something to do with TWIMTBP?

RE: No big deal IMO
By V-Money on 1/3/2013 1:01:57 PM , Rating: 3
Now that you mention it, I see your point. In all fairnss though I was replying specifically to nocturnes comments about the Phenom going through 3 name changes without it being a problem. More in line with the article I still can see how this applies because my newer laptop has an integrated GPU as well as the other one and that greatly increases battery life. If I were to say buy a laptop with an AMD CPU and a dedicated graphics card I would also like to have one with an integrated card. With the word "vision" in the title I wouldn't even have to think about it. You might not think that this is really important, but my old laptop was lucky to break the 2 hour mark in battery life

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