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A turnaround in the PC industry isn't expected to happen anytime soon

In years, the launch of a new Windows operating system meant that computer makers could count on a nice uptick in sales as people bought new computers. With the launch of Windows 8, the same boost in PC sales seen in years past hasn't occurred.

The New York Times reports that customers continue to turn away from new Microsoft gadgets such as the Surface RT tablet, which has seen disappointing sales numbers so far. One consumer that the NYT talked to, named Claude Ballard, said that he was intrigued by the "eye-catching design Windows 8" but not enough to purchase a new computer.

Overall computer sales during the holiday season have been disappointing. Many consumers continue to purchase tablets which run iOS or Android.  Weak PC sales during the holiday season shows that Microsoft and other companies that depend on the computer industry won't see a major turnaround in sales anytime soon.

Acer president for the Americas division Emmanuelle Fromont has said that sales of Acer computers running Windows 8 have been lower-than-expected. He cites the operating system's unfamiliar design as one point that appears to be making consumers cautious.

“There was not a huge spark in the market,” Mr. Fromont said. “It’s a slow start, there’s no question.”

“I think everybody would have hoped for a better start,” said Stephen Baker, an analyst at research firm NPD. “The thing is, this market is not the same market that Windows 7 or Vista or even XP launched into.”

NPD estimates that within the U.S., 13% fewer Windows devices were sold from late October when Windows 8 launched through the first week in December compared to the same period of last year with Windows 7 machines.

Source: NYT

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RE: Tablets are fun but way overrated
By deksman2 on 12/24/2012 10:09:34 AM , Rating: 3
Meh... computers are technologically outdated compared to where our practical scientific knowledge is (along with the premise we are still using inefficient materials to make them).

Putting that aside, while it is accurate that a large portion of people have computers that suit most of their needs, I would surmise that on top of computers doing most of everything majority right now wants, people simply cannot afford new systems on a regular basis.

The financial crisis is increasing... automation is taking over in all aspects and no one is irreplaceable in that regard.
Its becoming that much easier, faster and cheaper to make a machine and automate specific tasks (which is what Humans do now on jobs) than it is to train a Human to do it.

Money is increasingly becoming tight to come by, and they wonder why sales aren't improving?

Windows 8 (as confusing as their UI may be) is just a part of the problem (one that made a negative impression before it even launched).

Finally - I'm sick of coming to web-sites that are supposed to report news about technology, only to end up reading financial reports and how much companies keep making.

RE: Tablets are fun but way overrated
By Ammohunt on 12/24/12, Rating: -1
By drlumen on 12/26/2012 12:54:13 PM , Rating: 2
While a small portion of the drop in sales may be the economy I don't think that is the primary reason. I have the money to invest in a new desktop but why spend the money to gain ~10%-20% in speed only to have that increase effectively evaporate by moving to an unfamiliar OS, incompatible drivers, software compatibility issues, etc.?

I do see a paradigm change in computers happening. While the makers are still touting the new, fastest tech to try to drum up sales, about the only need for powerful desktops in the home is for gaming. Who really needs a top of the line system to check email? I believe it's been this way for a while but I think people are finally becoming numb or jaded to the marketing hype.

For myself, about the only time I would like a faster system is when doing rendering of video files. But, I can also farm those render jobs out across a few slower systems. So, in the end, I find that I really don't need a faster system.

Just my pair-a-dimes... (inflation)

RE: Tablets are fun but way overrated
By TSS on 12/26/2012 7:37:26 PM , Rating: 2
Finally - I'm sick of coming to web-sites that are supposed to report news about technology, only to end up reading financial reports and how much companies keep making.

Yknow it's too bad it's not a proper economic piece too. I'd love to read more about economics - mostly it's because i know what kind of insane state it's in right now. But i like to keep my food seperate, for my news i'd like the same.

There's plenty of tech to be found in economics, such as high frequency trading and mini flash crashes that have been occurring.

DT pretty much only retypes articles anyway (and pretty poorly too at times) so why not add zerohedge to the source pool? you don't have to belive them, but it's a good place to start (i met NANEX through them). Just look at the damn charts and tell me it's normal for that to occur.

Here's a good place to start i'd say:

Why isn't that reported on huh? It's got tech (no human trades that fast), it's one big financial risk to markets (what if the next time, it won't come back up again?), and it's a helluva lot more interesting then yet another microsoft earnings report. They survived Windows ME, they'll survive windows 8.

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