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Google says if the demand grows it might develop for Windows 8

Microsoft has been working hard to entice developers to make apps for its new Windows 8 computer operating system and its new smartphone platform, Windows Phone 8. One of the companies that Microsoft hoped would make official apps for its devices was Google, which owns popular e-mail services like Gmail and the cloud-based storage service Drive.

Google has now said that it has no plans to develop dedicated apps for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 for Gmail or Drive. In an interview with v3, Google Apps product management director Clay Bavor indicated that Google has chosen not to develop for the new Windows platforms due to a lack of interest from clients.

"We have no plans to build out Windows apps. We are very careful about where we invest and will go where the users are but they are not on Windows Phone or Windows 8," he said.

He adds, "If that changes, we would invest there, of course."

Bavor said that Google was committed to continually improving and updating the apps it offers for iOS and Android products. 

Source: v3

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RE: Stunning annoucement!
By Booty on 12/14/2012 2:51:02 PM , Rating: 2
It still requires the user to tap each and every waypoint on a route to get the next voice guidance. The user has to take focus off the road and manage to tap the screen to get the next instructions on a route.

You can tap *anywhere* on the screen (mentioned in the article you link further down this thread). Okay, so maybe not the perfect user experience, but if you can't tap a ~4" screen without losing focus on the road I'm not sure you should be driving in the first place. Do you also have to look down to locate the brake pedal? Pull over altogether to turn on your wipers?

All that said - I don't know about Verizon, but AT&T provides navigation software on all their phones, and as you said Nokia has their own app as well. All 3 options work just fine for me, but I'm one of those drivers who finds a way to change the radio station without causing a 10 car pile-up.

Oh, and I'll take any of those options over Apple's attempt at maps/nav. I can't believe you'd imply that the WP7/8 experience is somehow worse than their half-baked solution.

RE: Stunning annoucement!
By MartyLK on 12/14/2012 3:13:11 PM , Rating: 1
You can tap *anywhere* on the screen (mentioned in the article you link further down this thread). Okay, so maybe not the perfect user experience, but if you can't tap a ~4" screen without losing focus on the road I'm not sure you should be driving in the first place. Do you also have to look down to locate the brake pedal? Pull over altogether to turn on your wipers?

You sound like you haven't had a good experience with a fully functioning nav app on a smartphone. I have. The nav function provided in Android through Google Maps is purely outstanding and amazing. There is no need to take eyes off the road to maintain the progress. And I can even play videos or music or do other things while the Google's nav app keeps me informed of upcoming turns.

It truly is impressive, if you haven't experienced it yet. My brother, who is a long haul trucker and uses professional grade, commercial-grade nav devices commented how amazing Google Maps nav is.

RE: Stunning annoucement!
By Booty on 12/14/2012 4:33:01 PM , Rating: 2
You're missing the point. I'm not saying the Android/Google Maps experience isn't better. What I'm saying is the WP7/8 nav is more than good enough for me. I don't need to take my eyes off the road to use it.

And this is just one app. We're talking about smartphones, not GPS devices. For me, and probably a lot of WP users, the navigation apps are more than sufficient, as are the other areas Google may have developed apps for.

Maybe that's the real point here - Google isn't developing apps because they know Windows Phone users don't really need them... ;)

RE: Stunning annoucement!
By MartyLK on 12/14/2012 4:56:35 PM , Rating: 2
And my point is: Microsoft can't compete with their lesser product. When a person can have what they want and need on another system, Microsoft won't sell devices.

But the thing that is and has been understood with MS on WP7 is that they tried to make the consumer believe they didn't need all of those features that the competition give.

If you are happy with what WP has, good. More power to you. But the point it: Microsoft isn't competing. They aren't providing an at least equal product.

And that "one" app is meant as a sign of the WP ecosystem. One *huge* feature these days of smartphones is their ability to navigate. It's a huge feature and such an incredible convenience - the way it is integrated into the system like Google Maps is and eventually Apple's maps will be.

Microsoft and users of WP cannot just say that there are 3rd party apps that give TbT-Voice-guided nav app in the market. None of them are as integrated or functional as a fully integrated nav app like Google Maps. That is to say, none of them can provide the whole experience an integrated maps can.

Microsoft is basically saying: Hmmm...I have an idea! Lets sell our smartphone system the opposite way of what everyone else does: Lets remove features and functionality and call that a "feature".

RE: Stunning annoucement!
By Fritzr on 12/15/2012 2:27:24 AM , Rating: 2
You missed the point.

Microsoft will not pull out of the market due to being snubbed by Google on 1 or 2 apps.

Google IS pulling out of the market on selected apps because the Microsoft phone does not need those particular Google apps.

Google is saying that due to *a lack of demand* for selected apps, those apps will not be developed. Google happily invested in apps where there was a demand and those apps are currently available for WP7 & WP8.

WP8 will not die because Microsoft users do not need Google apps. The Google apps though won't exist as long as the Microsoft users continue to not need them :D

Yes this is a blow to Google since people not using Google apps are not viewing Google ads.

RE: Stunning annoucement!
By MartyLK on 12/15/2012 3:31:31 AM , Rating: 2
I did a search, in market, on my WP7 phone for "google" and came up with just one official Google app, Google Search. There were no other official Google apps.

But granted that the WP market search engine is the worst the universe ever suffered, that isn't confidence of a lack of official Google apps. If there are others, a user will need to type in their full name precisely and without the slightest error for the search engine to find them.

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