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Notorious spammer claims net neutrality applies to spam

Jason Flanary (R), chief operating officer at ccAdvertising -- a company specializing in political text message spam – turned heads during the last presidential election by sending unsolicited messages to smartphones with statements like, "Obama believes killing children is a right until the umbilical cord is cut."

While Mr. Flanary was disappointed to lose his own election bid for the Virginia state senate [source] amid the controversy that ensued, he's now pushing ahead on an even more ambitious effort.  He's asked the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to either whitelist political spam (or "political messages" as he views it) or to declare spam in general protected free speech.

Either way, he argues, it should be illegal for private businesses to block or discriminate against using filters traffic they consider "spam".

In the wake of the ccAdvertising text campaign many carriers began to block his company's messages, recognizing that their customers did not want the unsolicited and often times unwelcome texts.  But in doing so Mr. Flanary claims they broke the law.

Jason Flanary
Jason Flanary is among the Republicans breaking with part ranks to voice support for net neutrality, arguing it should be expanded to protect political spam.
[Image Source: FairFax Patch]

His stand is unusual as in the past most federal Republicans contended that net neutrality was an abusive expansion of federal power and intrusion on free market.  Now it appears that at least some Republicans may be changing their mind, looking to leverage the FCC policy to their advantage.

If you want to respond to Mr. Flanary's claim that political text message spam is protected free speech, the FCC welcomes public comments here.  Be aware, you must give your real name and address.

Sources: FCC [filing], [comments], DailyKos

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By EricMartello on 12/14/2012 11:57:08 AM , Rating: 0
Nazism is a far right political system. Its the antithesis to socialism/communism

Far right would be no government or anarchy. The Nazis were socialists, bro - far left with the government in full control of the state. Quite obvious that you don't know what you're talking about since you're using a link as a reply.

Fact: Nazi = LEFT WING

While true communism never existed, the bastardized version of the USSR has more in common with the far right wings of the US GOP on social and political issues

Once again, how do you figure this? You're attempting to respond to the fact that communism and dictatorships are the end game of the left with MSNBC rhetoric.

Fact: Communist Dictatorships = LEFT WING

(make homosexuality a crime, discrimated against, discrimated against minorities. dienfranchised the population).

You're claiming that the GOP took these positions officially? Please provide a factual citation to back this up...because according to history, it was the left that relies on the divisiveness of 'hot button' issues to stir the pot and get ignorant, gullible peons "mad at the system"...and of course, the system is whoever the left deems their 'enemy'.

Compare the rallies and "faux-tests" organized by the left. The occupy movement - ripe with criminal activity, violence and hateful sentiment. Look at the Tea Party rallies - peaceful, non-violent and the people there were not paid to be there or misled into thinking there was going to be a concert.

Fact: Racism, Hate & Violence is a Fundamental Tool of the LEFT WING

The republican party of 1860 would probably look more like the democrats of 2012. They were inclusive and progressive about human and social issues. The republican party was the left back in 1860's.

How are you defining "inclusive"? You think democrats are so open-armed and open-minded? Talk to any black person who identifies themselves as a republican - how does the left feel about them?

The original GOP was not "the left" because it never advocated enlarging government to replace personal responsibility. The GOP was primarily focused on civil rights (which democrats opposed, claiming that a bill of rights would 'limit people to the rights listed on the bill'), including abolishing slavery.

The 2012 equivalent of slavery is the welfare system which is designed to limit the social mobility of any person; it chains them to a specific status and ensures the left has a voting base to keep itself in power.

Fact: The progressive movement has not contributed to any improvements in America. It's simply a broad term for left wing tactics designed to keep people divided on issues that are really not that important in the national scope.

Please identify the "key" US industries that were socialized?

Energy Sector is now effectively run by the EPA.

Communications sector is now effectively run by the FCC; left wing controls most major media outlets in America.

Banking and Financial sectors are managed by the Federal Reserve.

Manufacturing sector has been driven out of the USA by Unions and federal regulation.

Healthcare and medical is going to be taken over in 2014 when Obamacare goes live.

Fact: American industry has been socialized while the leftards responsible have convinced many that it's a preposterous suggestion.

Before you can understand the beliefs of the left, you need to be rational. As I have pointed out above, your logic and facts are flawed, so I would suspect is your rational.

I like how you think you pointed something out other than the fact that you have an inability to think critically and objectively. Your responses are all borne out of the left's propaganda machine which proves that you're simply looking for something to believe in.

Fact: Belief is the absence of knowledge and you have a lot of beliefs with nothing to back them up other than "it's what you heard someone else say".

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen

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