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Notorious spammer claims net neutrality applies to spam

Jason Flanary (R), chief operating officer at ccAdvertising -- a company specializing in political text message spam – turned heads during the last presidential election by sending unsolicited messages to smartphones with statements like, "Obama believes killing children is a right until the umbilical cord is cut."

While Mr. Flanary was disappointed to lose his own election bid for the Virginia state senate [source] amid the controversy that ensued, he's now pushing ahead on an even more ambitious effort.  He's asked the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to either whitelist political spam (or "political messages" as he views it) or to declare spam in general protected free speech.

Either way, he argues, it should be illegal for private businesses to block or discriminate against using filters traffic they consider "spam".

In the wake of the ccAdvertising text campaign many carriers began to block his company's messages, recognizing that their customers did not want the unsolicited and often times unwelcome texts.  But in doing so Mr. Flanary claims they broke the law.

Jason Flanary
Jason Flanary is among the Republicans breaking with part ranks to voice support for net neutrality, arguing it should be expanded to protect political spam.
[Image Source: FairFax Patch]

His stand is unusual as in the past most federal Republicans contended that net neutrality was an abusive expansion of federal power and intrusion on free market.  Now it appears that at least some Republicans may be changing their mind, looking to leverage the FCC policy to their advantage.

If you want to respond to Mr. Flanary's claim that political text message spam is protected free speech, the FCC welcomes public comments here.  Be aware, you must give your real name and address.

Sources: FCC [filing], [comments], DailyKos

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RE: Impressed with Obama
By MartyLK on 12/13/2012 12:06:33 PM , Rating: 2
LOl I feel the same, I am glad Obama won just so I can see the sulking looks on the republicans faces, especially when he decides to play there own game against them

Yeah, that's a big plus for me, too. He's a good force for our nation and likely will be the best president this nation ever had. But I personally know a few bible-thumping, pompous Repubs that can't stand a non-white, non-Repub even being considered for candidacy. They willy-nilly took my livlihood away from me through a frame-up and didn't think the first thing about doing it. It was like it was nothing at all to do it. The main one was a wanna-be Republican politician and prided himself on being clever and witty. He told me one time that the party didn't matter and that he would vote for whoever was the best. That turned out to be pure hogwash and subterfuge.

Long story short, I knew intimately how his expression would be with Obama winning election. He'd want God to deliver everyone into his avenging hands. I pictured the low-life fat-ass, self-righteous, self-important maggot imploding from frustration. And it felt like a high-potency pain killer to me. It felt so good. I reveled for weeks and weeks.

Having Obama voted in a second time must be absolute murder for them. But it's nirvana for me. :D

“And I don't know why [Apple is] acting like it’s superior. I don't even get it. What are they trying to say?” -- Bill Gates on the Mac ads

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