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Netflix says users stream over 1 billion hours of content each month

Netflix has over the years rolled out apps to allow streaming of its content for just about every device out there. You can get Netflix apps for Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, computers, and all three major gaming consoles. If the device is internet connected, odds are that Netflix “has an app for that”.

Netflix has announced this week that the Sony PlayStation 3 is the top device for streaming its content. The PS3 proved so popular for streaming content this year that Netflix says it even passed the PC in hours of Netflix viewing at certain times.

The PS3 is particularly noteworthy because any owner can sign up for the free PlayStation Network and then register for Netflix directly on the game console. You don't even need a computer to sign up for Netflix; you only need the PS3 game system and an internet connection. Netflix also reminds us that the PS3 was the first entertainment system to offer Netflix in full 1080p resolution with 5.1 channel Dolby Digital Plus sound.

Netflix says that it currently has over 30 million subscribers around the world. Those 30 million users have streamed more than 1 billion hours of content each month making Netflix the world's leading internet subscription service for TV shows and movies.

Source: Netflix

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By inperfectdarkness on 12/6/2012 3:21:33 AM , Rating: 3
What I find interesting about this is that even though the Wii has a wider userbase, the PS3 is the most heavily used for Netflix. I understand why the 360 isn't up there, but the Wii not being on top (for consoles) surprises me.


1080p support is hilarious. Netflix's 1080p content is so limited that it might as well not even exist.


Hey Netflix! Can we please stop with the region-lockout BS? It's a pain in the a** having to use 2 routers just so I can connect to netflix on my Wii (or any console, for that matter). I'm a US citizen with a US bank account. Why isn't that good enough?

RE: Interesting
By rdhood on 12/6/2012 3:05:13 PM , Rating: 2

For 50% of us, ALL streaming content is a joke. I'm lucky if I can get a low bitrate, VHS-like stream that lasts for more than 5 minutes. Thats how bad my Windstream DSL is... and they are my only choice.

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