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3D printed AR lower receiver doesn't meet expectations

One of the more interesting technologies for creating rapid prototypes and other items is 3D printing. 3D printing is capable of producing just about anything you can imagine from implantable cartilage for medical uses, to prototype parts and even weapons.

A project called Defense Distributed has been working on 3D printer files that allow users to create components to build their own guns using a 3D printer. A group of testers used a 3D printed gun part design from creator HaveBlue to produce an AR lower receiver (the lower receiver is a key component of the weapon that receives the rifle cartridge from the magazine) and headed to the gun range.

Unfortunately, it appears that recoil pressure in the completed weapon was too much for the buffer section of the 3D printed lower. The buffer is a section that separates the stock from the upper receiver reports NBC News. The part failed after firing only six shots. To make the failure even more embarrassing, the testers were using ammunition specifically designed for lower recoil.
The creator of the part claims to have printed his own and used it to fire hundreds of rounds.
While the firearm breaking in half while in operation seems to offer the potential for harm to the shooter and those nearby, the testers say that the only damage the operator faces is that of ego. When the weapon failed, the spring and buffer popped out of the tube and fell to the ground according to the testers.

Sources: NBC News, WikiWep DevBlog

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RE: RELAX! All is well. Please do not panic.
By Misty Dingos on 12/4/2012 11:58:33 AM , Rating: 0
Now be fair. I didn't cue everything. That would be an unmanageable list at best. Here are some of the groups I didn't include.

1. Left wing hate jackals
2. Patent advocates against 3D printing
3. Mother's against drunk driving (they are against everything including themselves)
4. Fox News
5. The Colt Manufacturing Company
6. Anarcho Syndicalist Communes
7. Wild Birds Unlimited
8. Ducks Unlimited
9. Green Peace
10. The NRA
11. The ACLU
12. The British Royal Family
13. Obama

See the list is unmanageable.

RE: RELAX! All is well. Please do not panic.
By Armageddonite on 12/5/2012 10:32:55 AM , Rating: 2
Way to take off-topic time-wasting to an epic new level, especially on the first post. I'm surprised you didn't go ahead and fulfill Godwin's law in the process.

On topic: I'm sure it's just a matter of finding the right printing material and/or printing pattern for that type of application. There shouldn't be a universal answer for all uses.

RE: RELAX! All is well. Please do not panic.
By Misty Dingos on 12/5/12, Rating: 0
By Piiman on 12/29/2012 3:39:57 PM , Rating: 2
" Think of the unique weapons that could be produced. It would be magical."

and it will be called the iGun

"We basically took a look at this situation and said, this is bullshit." -- Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng's take on patent troll Soverain
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