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A "Computer Assembled in USA" sticker made its way onto an iMac purchased this weekend

Apple may be assembling certain hardware in the United States instead of China, according to a recent CNN Money report. 

The report referred to a reader, Aaron Gong, that purchased a new 21-inch iMac at an Apple Store in San Jose, California last weekend. When he opened the box, the label said "Computer Assembled in USA" rather than China, which is normally the case. 

This is a bit of an odd case, though, since the iMac was an in-stock, entry-level model that had no custom specifications at all. In the past, only "made-to-order" iMacs were assembled in the U.S. 

This doesn't mean that Apple is moving all of its hardware -- or even just iMac -- manufacturing the U.S. Another 21-inch iMac buyer purchased his product at the Manhattan Apple Store last week and had an "Assembled in China" label on it. 

It's not clear what's going on with Apple's assembly locations, but Gong's Saturday iMac purchase has certainly raised a few questions. 

Apple's gadgets are mainly manufactured and assembled at its Foxconn plants in China, but these plants have had several issues this year ranging from poor working conditions to employee abuse in the way of excessive overtime, crowded dorms, and low pay. 

Source: CNN

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RE: short memory
By ritualm on 12/5/2012 1:52:50 AM , Rating: 1
i forgot this:
you mentioned palmtops. apparently this was risc, too, and came before its kind. man apple, you just such a follower. history of following. nothing trend setting or influential to see here. move along, sheep

Gross market research miscalculation. People wanted a digital Day Planner that fits inside pants pockets. Apple delivered a gadget that needed a business suitcase to hold it in transit. It was too ahead of its time. Nobody wanted to be seen using it in public. It flopped.

3Com did their homework and came out with the PalmPilot. Also highly relevant: Apple did not invent the smartphone, it merely popularized it.

Move along, Apple sheep.

RE: short memory
By ihateu3 on 12/5/2012 2:36:30 AM , Rating: 1
OMG ritualm, I wish I did not already use all my "worth reading"'s. GD, spot on and could not have done it better myself!

RE: short memory
By epollyon on 12/6/2012 2:50:24 AM , Rating: 1
i wont argue that apple is ahead of its time =D i know there were smart phones, there were mp3 players too, as well as IC's and hard drives!!! I remember the smart fones...the ones with the stylus that worked a lot like the Newton from '93. what a strange coincidence. I never said Apple was flawless. It is anything but! there's tons of mistakes and flops. that said, I am a fanboy, but only because so many people antagonize the company while disregarding its contributions. I think thats just silly and immature! I think its common knowledge that apple didn't invent the smart phone, but I would say it did a little bit more than just popularize it. iPhone set a standard. I'm not sure how the standard was different from the Treo's and Windows phones of the era, but I do know that after the iPhone the smartphone market started to change. Are you going to argue that, too? Here is what I THINK the iphone did right and that competitors may or may not have caught up with: 100% full hardware acceleration and support from day 1 till present, multimedia integration, bloat-free approach, simplicity, marketing. We can go into what was wrong with the device (especially initially), but that's just trolling. I'm not going to bring up Vista, or android (i despise google for buying android, its a fucking terrible idea). All i'm trying to say is you guys that try to deny Apple's moves are profound and influential and antagonize them amounts to some sort of really strange nerd envy. sounds like "my gadget is more open, more feature packed, more BIG than yours."
Maybe I've nailed it on the head there. You hated that article on how iPhone owners get laid more than you and you are compensating. Am I right? 4.3" inches ain't much, either way.
Actually, i think you agree with you me, ritualm. Apple, though daring at times, sets the pace for companies that may not want to gamble with the R&D in an uncertain and sometimes highly competitive consumer electronics market. I mean they sure as hell didn't invent the MP3 player, but hey did release a strange cube of a computer with passive cooling and slot loading CDROM way ahead of its time. That thing was cool. see what I did there?

RE: short memory
By Cheesew1z69 on 12/7/2012 12:11:48 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, we see. You being a retarded Apple fanboi who can't type correctly. It's not hard to miss.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook

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