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A "Computer Assembled in USA" sticker made its way onto an iMac purchased this weekend

Apple may be assembling certain hardware in the United States instead of China, according to a recent CNN Money report. 

The report referred to a reader, Aaron Gong, that purchased a new 21-inch iMac at an Apple Store in San Jose, California last weekend. When he opened the box, the label said "Computer Assembled in USA" rather than China, which is normally the case. 

This is a bit of an odd case, though, since the iMac was an in-stock, entry-level model that had no custom specifications at all. In the past, only "made-to-order" iMacs were assembled in the U.S. 

This doesn't mean that Apple is moving all of its hardware -- or even just iMac -- manufacturing the U.S. Another 21-inch iMac buyer purchased his product at the Manhattan Apple Store last week and had an "Assembled in China" label on it. 

It's not clear what's going on with Apple's assembly locations, but Gong's Saturday iMac purchase has certainly raised a few questions. 

Apple's gadgets are mainly manufactured and assembled at its Foxconn plants in China, but these plants have had several issues this year ranging from poor working conditions to employee abuse in the way of excessive overtime, crowded dorms, and low pay. 

Source: CNN

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RE: short memory
By ritualm on 12/5/2012 1:36:42 AM , Rating: 1
Once again, learn to use paragraphs, it makes your long and unwieldly post a lot easier to read.
my apple is running office v14/2011

Unfortunately, Office on Windows beats every other office software in the game, including Office:mac 2011.

Epic fail.
with a leap in logic like a fox news journalist taking things out of context

Pot kettle black.
i clearly stated doulbed resoltuion on their 15" books.

LOL what? At the same time Apple killed the 17" Macbook Pro, so the 15" MBPR became its successor. "double the resolution" not.

Apparently you can't read your own Apple news.
cdroms went the way of floppies

Who on earth needs a freaking Ethernet port? Everything is better wireless! WPA2 has better security than good ol' CAT5e, amirite?

dunno why your comparing a 17" notebook to a 15" notebook

You don't get it, do you? Oh yeah, never mind what I said, you're too busy gobbling up and down Tony Swash's knob to listen.
you really had a hard time with my post, cuz i'm right

If you're right, I wouldn't reply in the first place. Abort Retry Fail... oh wait, you use a Mac, only the Fail option is available to you.
but firewire was and still is faster than usb

FireWire is faster than USB 3.0. What a leap in logic like a Fox News journalist taking things out of context.

Firewire at 800 Mbps is faster than USB 3.0 at 4800 Mbps how?
i dunno what your point is but your point sucks

Classic testerguy response.
if you are denying the clear trend setting and influence apple has over the market then you're just delusional

You are delusional if you think Apple is the only innovator in both the computer and mobile spaces.
Cupertino users, as a whole, do not necessarily reflect the platform as a whole.

Or so Tony Swash / testerguy / epollyon says.
it is made to be simple

Awfully simple to 0day and pwn2own in less than an hour. OS X makes an unpatched Windows 95 look good in the security department.
apologize for no paragraphs, i don't have time for formatting and would rather just say what i gutta say.

LOL what? You're just being lazy in sprouting unintelligible gibberish only your own followers at Cupertino can understand.

Apple users make a mockery of the ineptitude of Americans as a whole. That's saying something.
its not a speed problem per se

Yep, a leap in logic like a Fox News journalist taking things out of context. Man, I'm loving this debate. Especially when I can use your own quotes against yours truly!
sites only use flash for advertising these days.

Clear example of your knowledge, or lack thereof, over the topic at hand.
why the hell woudl i want windows 7 to be productive?

Because OS X is incompatible with modern business? Look at the various iWork applications Apple just updated yesterday. Make something on iWork, can't open it in Office on Windows, which is what over 95% of businesses use with office software.
but i think a third party observer would see my point remains

As clear as mud.
apples sets the standard and the rest of the pack catches up.

Too bad the rest of the pack is now setting the standard and Apple is merely playing catch-up... by trying to kill Android with lawsuits.
apples tends to leave certain techs out (NFC) for whatever internal reasons

Can't name one? Oh yeah, how does Tony Swash's knob taste like? Care to tell us?
i am not a PC hater.

Ha, nice try at deflecting your own arguments, but no cigar.
don't know your shit don't comment

Pot kettle black.

Shoulda used that exact same line on your own posts.
I'm holding out on the retina devices for a number of reasons

i tend to buy last gen apple stuff cuz it marks down significantly.

Then you're not a trailblazer. You're not a trendsetter. You're not an early adopter. And here you are trying in vain to argue why you are right and every other sane person on DT is wrong.
windows is weak and linux is a headache.

Windows is what over 95% of people and businesses use. Including Apple users, matter of fact. Weak? Hardly.

Linux should be pretty easy for you... oh wait, you're not a techie, yet a few posts ago you claimed to be "tech savvy".
my hope is that apples SSD charge will go down as more units sell.

Classic Apple sheep. It is worrying when you don't know what you are talking about. Like the quote above.
do you see how all of these things dont' change my point?

That you are tech-illiterate, contrary to your claims? Yeah, I see your point alright.
the question is who said i wanted to run windows 7 and office 2010?

You won't? Gee, way to be "not compatible with 2012".
who said i want to pay for the retina display

You buy and support Apple.

Game over, you lose.
apple still sets the trend.

Yep, setting the trend for bogus lawsuits trying to ban competitors' products with dubious patents. Then complain that everyone else is trying to do the same against Apple with FRAND.
nice shot, but i win

You won at being a clueless douche on the Internets, alright.

You should have heeded your own advice:
1. the rest of my points you fought with a leap in logic like a fox news journalist taking things out of context.
2. don't know your shit don't comment.

I don't expect to win, thankfully I'm not on the losing team. You, however, turned "losing" into an art form. Congorats.

"We shipped it on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we rested." -- Steve Jobs on the iPad launch

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