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A "Computer Assembled in USA" sticker made its way onto an iMac purchased this weekend

Apple may be assembling certain hardware in the United States instead of China, according to a recent CNN Money report. 

The report referred to a reader, Aaron Gong, that purchased a new 21-inch iMac at an Apple Store in San Jose, California last weekend. When he opened the box, the label said "Computer Assembled in USA" rather than China, which is normally the case. 

This is a bit of an odd case, though, since the iMac was an in-stock, entry-level model that had no custom specifications at all. In the past, only "made-to-order" iMacs were assembled in the U.S. 

This doesn't mean that Apple is moving all of its hardware -- or even just iMac -- manufacturing the U.S. Another 21-inch iMac buyer purchased his product at the Manhattan Apple Store last week and had an "Assembled in China" label on it. 

It's not clear what's going on with Apple's assembly locations, but Gong's Saturday iMac purchase has certainly raised a few questions. 

Apple's gadgets are mainly manufactured and assembled at its Foxconn plants in China, but these plants have had several issues this year ranging from poor working conditions to employee abuse in the way of excessive overtime, crowded dorms, and low pay. 

Source: CNN

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RE: Gotta love the way with words...
By Tony Swash on 12/4/2012 5:14:33 AM , Rating: -1
I am actually surprised that you do, this sight is for new technologies foremost.

But clearly not for those who can spell or construct a working sentence.

What a fragile pompous poser you are. You get your panties all in a twist because a bit of gentle teasing. Grow a pair.

By ihateu3 on 12/5/2012 2:15:29 AM , Rating: 2
Right... just because I actually find it worth my time to actually reply when I am drunk...

So, back to the point, you understood what I was getting at, but came back with insults rather than arguments. What I originally said was not answered, but sidestepped in effort to ignore the original post. GD, are you not only an Apple fanboy but also a politician?

For arguments sake, Steve Job was a scary dirty hippie, that almost had the cops called on him when he applied at Atari. So why would a few grammar mistakes even be of any relevance to what I stated?

I guess I could be the next genius right?

"The Space Elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing" -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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