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Train will speed along at 311 mph, will carry 900+ passengers

Maglev trains represent a perplexing puzzle to civil engineers.  While the price of entry can be much higher than traditional rail based trains, maglevs -- trains held aloft by powerful electro magnets -- experience no friction, meaning they cost far less to maintain.

But the high construction costs have meant that only two commercial maglevs are currently in existence.  Now the home nation of one of those two high-tech rail systems -- Japan -- is dreaming of a far more ambitious maglev line connecting Tokyo and Osaka with trains travelling safely at 311 mph.

Japan's current maglev system is only 8.9 kilometers (5.9 miles) long, and is located in Aichi, near the city of Nagoya.  Dubbed "Linimo", the line operates at a "lowly" cruising speed of 62 mph.  The line has struggled with losses in recent years and cost over $100M USD per km to construct.

But those struggles have not swayed Central Japan Railway Comp. (JR Tokai) (TYO:9022), which plans to deploy the sleek Series L0 prototype in 2027.  The front car will stretch ninety-two feet, with over half of that length devoted to an aerodynamic nose cone.  It will haul 14 carriages, each with 68 passengers in rows of four seats, with the exception of the last carriage, which seats only 24 (for a total of 908 passengers).

The first engineering mockups of the train were unveilled earlier this month.

Series L0 train
The Series L0 Train [Image Source:]

The train is planned to initially travel between the Shinagawa Station in central Tokyo to Nagoya, cities separated by roughly 218 miles on Japan's eastern coast.  Today the trip would take four hours by car or 90 minutes on the fastest rail-based bullet trains, but travelling at a blistering 311 mph, the next-generation maglev rail is expect to deliver passengers there in just 40 minutes.

JR Tokia plans to eventually extend the system to connect to Osaka by 2045.  Lead developer Yasukazu Endo comments, "Through the test runs, we will make final checks to ensure that commercial services are comfortable."

Long a leader in high-speed rail, Japan has recently seen fierce competition from its rival, China.  China currently owns the only other active commercial maglev system in the world, a line in Shanghai.  China is moving aggressively forward with its high speed rail expansion plans, despite the embarassing setback of having to scale back its line speeds from record paces due to allegations of contractor corruption leading to shoddy construction.

The U.S. is currently pondering a maglev system of its own, but such plans remain in their early infancy, with few large commercial backers.


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RE: niiiice!
By Stuka on 11/29/2012 7:53:16 PM , Rating: 4
310mph 10ft off the ground is a lot more impressive than 580mph at 30,000ft off the ground... when looking out the window.

RE: niiiice!
By Bad-Karma on 11/30/2012 1:07:37 PM , Rating: 2
Go low level at mach. After that just about anything less will feel sedate by comparison. If you want a bit more then ratchet it up then go high mach with nap-of-the-earth...if you can take it.

I got to do it quite a bit when active duty (EF-111/F4G/F16B,D/F15E/B-1). Shoot, even NoE at full throttle on a buff is a hell of a sensation. But you no longer have to be in the service, there are lots of places selling rides now, just pick your favorite airframe. I guarantee you that after that fast cars (or trains) just don't compare......

Of course a sled driver would read this and laugh at me.....

RE: niiiice!
By ClownPuncher on 11/30/2012 3:05:35 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not sure people are going to be commuting to work in a F15E.

RE: niiiice!
By Bad-Karma on 12/1/2012 8:35:36 PM , Rating: 2

I'm not sure people are going to be commuting to work in a F15E.

I used to....

But seriously, from someone who enjoys train, I've taken every opportunity to ride as many of the bullet trains as possible when I travel. While I experience the novelty of the ride, you'll notice that the regular riders could care less about the sensation. The high speed is simply commonplace to them.

Think about it, when was the last time you zipped down the interstate at 70MPH and thought the speed was remarkable. Yet at some point in your life 70Mph was exhilarating.

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