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Researchers found a way to turn old, aging stem cells into young, functional versions for cardiac tissue

A team of Canadian researchers have found a way to make old stem cells feel young again, which could be beneficial for elderly patients with heart conditions
The research team, which consists of Milica Radisic and Dr. Ren-Ke Li from the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering (IBBME), has created a "fountain of youth" for aging stem cells, which allows them to be young and functional again.
The team specifically targeted cardiac tissue. The problem with some stem cell therapies is that the body can reject them. But researchers started using the patient's own stem cells in order to avoid rejection, yet there was still another problem -- elderly patients with aging stem cells tend to not function as well as younger stem cells, meaning they won't be as helpful in patching up cardiac tissue that has been damaged. 
But the new technique involves placing elderly stem cells in a micro-environment, where they are mixed with different growth factors that lead to blood vessel growth and cell proliferation. These growth factors ended up stimulating the old stem cells, and turned off certain aging factors. Using two specific molecules, called p16 and RGN, turned the cells to a much younger state. 
This will allow researchers to grow cardiac patches for damaged hearts without worrying about rejection or loss of function. 

Source: Eurekalert

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RE: minor corrections
By EricMartello on 12/1/2012 9:16:58 PM , Rating: 2
Trolling people who add important details to typically-lacking news bytes on highly technical scientific journal articles makes YOU look like a tool.

Claiming someone is a troll because you dislike or disagree with them automatically nullifies whatever else you may say...and it makes you look like a fool.

I don't know why you feel the need to attack this guy for attempting to add a little bit of detail. How dare he proffer a correction. The nerve of that guy?!
Sure if hes saying things that are incorrect (see below) thats always a problem.

In the second paragraph you reveal yourself to be a libtard, claiming my rebuttal to his post is an "attack". Obama much?

Let's continue...

On that note, your proposition that the culture environment is totally irrelevant as long as its suitable for cultivation is balderdash.

I like how you contradict yourself in an attempt to frame what I said as being contradictory. You must reside in the 56th state - Kooladiafornia.

Maybe if you qualified the cultivation milieu as being homologous to human...but you didn't. Cells can survive and even thrive in non-physiologic conditions.

Is restating my point using the assistance of dictionary(.)com something id10ts do to make themselves feel intelligent?

The experiment was testing human stem cells to determine if the effects of cell aging can be stopped or reversed. THAT is the SCOPE of the experiment. Depending on the results of this particular experiment, additional tests can be performed to determine which cultivation environment is optimal.

I don't have time to spare (too busy making science)

Hey mon! Climatalogy or astrology? Tell me da fucha mon!

to attempt more than a cursory, unsuccessful, search to find this article--probably too soon. However, I am skeptical this micro-environment was inside a rat. Entirely possible, but my gut feeling is some sort of cell-culture matrix. See below sentence:

A suitable cultivation environment could be any suitable environment as determined by those conducting the experiment.

Did I dispute that? No, I did not...but due to the fact that the environment is specifically selected based on its perceived suitability it is not a factor in the experiment, so for our boy genius claiming the cells were injected into a rat does not matter IF in fact the rat's body provides a suitable environment for cultivation.

Whether the suitable environment was inside a lab rat or sandra fluke's stinky vag1na does not matter IN THE CONTEXT of this experiment.

Let me try to distill this even more - if both a glass dish or a plastic dish would be equally suitable containers, noting that the contents was in a plastic dish and not a glass dish (or vice versa) is entirely pointless. Get it?

As I'm sure you know when you're busy making science, you shuffle the deck and let the spirits guide you - however you don't get to pick which spirits guide you. That's how you can conclude that man made global warming is real, and that we should call it climate change so we don't offend it.

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