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Windows 8 is the next Windows ME? The sales numbers suggest that accusation is malarkey

Source: Microsoft

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RE: Malarkey
By schmandel on 11/29/2012 10:51:53 AM , Rating: 3
Worldwide, Android outsold it's nearest competitor, IOS, at around a 2 to 1 ratio in third quarter 2012. Linux is doing just fine.

Metrics that reflect adaptation *choices* would be interesting. I suspect if you cut out the automatic corporate mass license upgrades the Windows 8 picture would not seem so rosy.

I personally can account for hundreds of corporate Windows licenses on machines that were immediately wiped and replaced with Linux, unfortunately that was the only way we could get the hardware at the time, we had to pay the "Windows Tax".

Microsoft's numbers seem mostly about maintaining appearances until they can dump Ballmer, repudiate their "STFU, we already know what's good for you" marketing approach, and maybe actually turn into a company worth dealing with. They will be far more desolated before that happens.

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