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Source claims final decision depends on the performance of US stores

Microsoft has a few retail stores scattered around the United States. The stores were originally launched to help Microsoft compete on more even footing against Apple and its retail outlets.
One of the main differences between Microsoft Stores and Apple Stores in the U.S. is the fact that Microsoft stores sell devices made by other manufacturers such as HTC and Nokia. Apple only sells its own primary hardware such as smartphones, tablets, and notebook computers although it sells accessories made by other manufacturers.
Financial Times now reports that Microsoft is been in talks with property owners in the UK to open new retail stores next year.

Microsoft is confident that it can open its first UK stores in 2013, however, the final decision is dependent on an assessment of how well Microsoft Stores in the U.S. are performing. Microsoft has offered no official statement on the possibility of opening retail stores in the UK at this time.

One key benefit of Microsoft retail stores in the UK would be the ability for the stores to offer classes to train users on Microsoft software and hardware – a service it offers in its current U.S. stores. 

Source: FT

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RE: ambitious
By TakinYourPoints on 11/26/2012 5:26:35 PM , Rating: 1
I don't see why people are so mad at your post, its completely true. There is a Microsoft, Sony, and Apple store all a short walk from each other in a mall here in Los Angeles. The newer Sony and Microsoft stores are in prime foot traffic areas, having taken over shut down clothing stores. The Apple store, like any other, is wall to wall with customers. The Sony and Microsoft stores are dead. Whenever I'm in the MS store its just me and one or two other people.

It isn't like their Windows laptops are awful like you'd find in Best Buy; there's no crapware preloaded which is great. The salespeople in their Apple style uniforms are also very nice and helpful, but again, no customers in there. I'm not sure how they're expecting success with more stores while their existing ones in prime sales locations (this one just outside of Beverly Hills) are ghost towns.

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