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Decision leaves Opera and Microsoft with the only 64-bit browsers, though Google will soon join the pack

Source: Bugzilla

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real problen
By KOOLTIME on 11/24/2012 4:59:34 PM , Rating: 2

It not system bit mode, we need a new architecture beyond the more then 2 decades old we still stuck on x86 framework.

its not about 32bit or 64bit or even 128bit and beyond. Until the x86 falls way to a new structure, the same issues abound for both hardware and software side of the story.

Difficulty is finding a new system people would use without complaining about backwards compatibility. There is no good NEW architecture available that's none x86, that can support the global x86 world most things run on today. From a business standpoint, its why the x86 still is around for over 2 decades with no close end in sight.

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