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Léo Apotheker's legacy continues to haunt troubled PC maker

Source: HP on MarketWire

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By AllYourBaseAreBelong2Us on 11/20/2012 12:23:00 PM , Rating: 2
Surely, Leo was a disaster but, don't forget that it was Mark Hurd who started the shopping spree after he realized that cutting R&D cost this much had just killed HP's innovation for good. Hurd basically burned the furniture and tried to fixed his screw up with acquisitions. He bought EDS for $13.9 billions in 2008 (overpaid 8 billions for it) and then in 2010 he bought Palm for 1.2 Billions right before getting fired for misconduct.

By jamawass on 11/20/2012 2:53:55 PM , Rating: 4
Hurd correctly foresaw the future of computing as being in the mobile space but was ousted before he could fully realise that vision. Apothekar starved Palm of support, then shut it down after it failed instead of investing in it. At the time I always thought the Autonomy was overvalued, glad to have been proven right. It's a shame a fraction of that money wasn't used to fix webOS and Palm. HP are now paying for that in more ways than one, shrinking PC market and reliance on a hardware competitor (M$) for operating software.

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