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The deal gets Intel new engineering talent and GPU technology

Intel and Creative Technology have announced a new deal that is worth $50 million. Creative Technology will be licensing its chip technology to Intel and selling Intel its UK subsidiary ZiiLabs Limited. Intel would be paying $20 million to license high-performance GPU technology owned by ZiiLabs.

The other $30 million will cover the transfer of engineering resources and assets of ZiiLabs Limited.

"As the next-generation advanced media processors beyond 28 nanometers (nm) become increasingly complex and expensive to develop, we must find new models to work with our partners and customers to drive continued product innovation," said Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology.

"With this announcement, we gain increased flexibility with the ability to partner with multiple semiconductor companies on advanced design and process technologies, allowing us to mitigate risk while maintaining control over the long-term direction of our product portfolio."

The transaction between Creative and Intel will be completed by the end of the year. Creative is divesting parts of its business and will be focusing on its audio products, which is considered its core strength.
In other Intel news, it was announced this week that current CEO Paul Otellini will retire in May 2013. His successor has not yet been named.

Source: ZDNet

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Core strength
By Sivar on 11/20/2012 11:58:23 AM , Rating: 3
Creative is divesting parts of its business and will be focusing on its audio products, which is considered its core strength.

I hope this includes divesting their driver and other software engineering parts, which have definitely never been their core strength.

RE: Core strength
By seamonkey79 on 11/20/2012 12:47:50 PM , Rating: 2
No doubt. I had to stop using their stuff a few years ago because every time I installed it, all heck broke loose on my computer. Uninstall the drivers and remove the hardware, and all issues went away. Nuts.

RE: Core strength
By mackx on 11/20/2012 12:48:50 PM , Rating: 2
i didnt know creative were still going. i haven't bought a sound card since the win ME days. on board by the 2k/xp days was good enough - even for 5.1 and now 7.1. paying for a slightly better mobo got you a lot more features and still cheaper than just buying a creative sound card.

RE: Core strength
By ClownPuncher on 11/20/2012 1:26:40 PM , Rating: 2
Their latest drivers and software for the Win7 driver stack seem to work fine. Not so much the legacy stuff.

RE: Core strength
By andre-bch on 11/20/2012 2:39:38 PM , Rating: 2
Yes. I have a X-Fi xtrememusic and it runs fine under windows 7 64-bit. No issues.

RE: Core strength
By nikon133 on 11/20/2012 3:25:24 PM , Rating: 2
Same here. I have Xtreme Gamer on 64-bit Win 7 and Xtreme Music on older 32-bit Vista, both doing great. Windows 8 also picked Xtreme Music fine when I trialled our corporate VL for a week.

By CannedTurkey on 11/20/2012 3:18:19 PM , Rating: 4
This company has, as far as I've been able to tell, been floundering for a decade. I think the last GPU they put out was a Voodoo Banshee card.

By someguy123 on 11/20/2012 9:38:21 PM , Rating: 2
I don't think they have anything worthwhile, but ziilabs is basically the old 3Dlabs (not sure if they have the same employees). Considering creative's track record with basically all of their products I'd say there's a chance that ziilabs were simply poorly managed and underfunded. If its one thing intel has its money.

By Trisped on 11/24/2012 6:33:31 PM , Rating: 2
Sounds like you are not familiar with Zii Labs work.

The last time I checked them out they were pushing the Zii OS, which was supposed to support off loading of normal processes like playing music to the GPU for processing. They were advertising the Egg which could play back 1080P video back when the iPhone was first released. From what I could tell they did not have the resources to complete the OS on schedule.

They also seemed to be popular in the set top box market.

Good Purchase
By Arxiv76 on 11/20/2012 1:01:47 PM , Rating: 2
This is a great purchase (cheap in my opinion). This will give Intel a direct injection of top notch talent with knowledge and experience in Customizing Arm Cores.

Maybe audio not core?
By HoosierEngineer5 on 11/20/2012 5:24:33 PM , Rating: 2
In spite of some poor ratings for a set of speakers they sold (volume controls unreliable), I bought them since most of the ratings were a year old.

A little over a year later (warranty expired), problem occurred on the pair I had bought. Lost a customer.

Looking at Creative...
By geekman1024 on 11/21/2012 2:49:40 AM , Rating: 2
...the yellow boxie little robot said: "Wow! You're not dead?!"

Bad Legacy Drivers
By conquistadorst on 11/21/2012 9:34:45 AM , Rating: 2
I bought their X-Fi Titanium HD earlier this year and was somewhat disappointed with the quality despite all the great reviews. I detected only minimal improvement in audio quality over on-board even though everything appeared to be working technically. My receiver confirmed it was receiving a DTS/DDL signal. This was all under Vista. Then I finally upgraded to Win7 a couple months ago then suddenly everything sounded as good as I had expected it to all along.

So yeah, their legacy driver support sucks.

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