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Windows 8 seems to be a touchy subject these days... have you taken the plunge?

Windows Users: Have you upgraded to Windows 8?
  • Yes, I bought a new PC/Tablet with Windows 8 pre-loaded (122 votes)
  • Yes, I upgraded my existing machine(s) to Windows 8 (3,396 votes)
  • I haven't upgraded to Windows 8 yet, but I plan on doing so in the future (646 votes)
  • I currently have no plans to upgrade to Windows 8 whatsoever; I'm sticking with XP/Vista/Windows 7 (2,713 votes)
  • I'm still undecided on Windows 8, and haven't made any decisions on upgrading (665 votes)

  • 7,542 total votes

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RE: Not until major changes
By Belard on 11/19/2012 8:57:33 AM , Rating: 1
1 - Waaah yourself, fanboi.

2 - You're an idiot. There is no issue of CHANGE. Many, if not most of us own/use WindowsXP~7, iOS and Android everyday! A crappy UI design, is just that... crap. And Win8's metro hybrid desktop mix is crap. The Win8's top suit guy just got fired. Hmmmm. Lack of reviews about Windows 8. What does Win8 offer?
a) MS app store (its plastered on all the Demo Win8 PCs
b) faster boot up? Who gives a damn? My Win7 PC wakes up in 2 seconds. Its shut-down or rebooted maybe once a week and even then, its a 20 second boot up.
c) Task manager and file-copy interface is better, very nicely. And Explorer has a button that used to come with XP. Not worth the $100~250 costs. Whoop-de-frackin-do.
d) de-Aeroized.... Win8 desktop mode is pure ugly.

3) What is a LEAP? Why the frack should I or anyone else buy some special POS hardware add-on to use some "super-easy-improved" OS?! Are you brain damaged?

4) Why should I or anyone pay $5 to "fix" the start menu?! I bet you $5 there will mal-ware infested versions of "start menus" our there soon.

5) Yeah, a toolbar... to make a semi-start-menu that never should have been taken out anyway? Is this info right there for your typical novice to figure out? Same for editing the registry to skip the metro UI during boot up...

So with all the crap YOU are telling PEOPLE to do to make Windows 8 usable...

WHERE is the "worthy of the upgrade!" come into play? Other than what I pointed out... what additions? Win8 desktop is mostly missing a lot of stuff. And the charms are stupid... there is nothing easier about using them.

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