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Windows 8 seems to be a touchy subject these days... have you taken the plunge?

Windows Users: Have you upgraded to Windows 8?
  • Yes, I bought a new PC/Tablet with Windows 8 pre-loaded (122 votes)
  • Yes, I upgraded my existing machine(s) to Windows 8 (3,396 votes)
  • I haven't upgraded to Windows 8 yet, but I plan on doing so in the future (646 votes)
  • I currently have no plans to upgrade to Windows 8 whatsoever; I'm sticking with XP/Vista/Windows 7 (2,713 votes)
  • I'm still undecided on Windows 8, and haven't made any decisions on upgrading (665 votes)

  • 7,542 total votes

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RE: Not until major changes
By Johnmcl7 on 11/15/2012 8:17:17 PM , Rating: 2
That goes for pretty much anything in life really and certainly with Windows 8.

Everything seems to focus on Windows 8's modern UI and the tiles but many of the genuinely useful improvements are overlooked. With its hybrid startup/shutdown system it makes Windows 7 systems feel sluggish starting up and shutting down plus I find Windows 8 surprisingly quick in use. Also it's the first version of Windows that works properly with ultra high resolution displays, it's something that Vista was supposed to sort but it and 7 still had strange scaling issues including in Office applications strangely.

I don't know what sort of drawing you do but I find Windows 8 works better than previous systems using a graphics pen as you don't need to the same precision to go through Windows when using the pen. There's other small touches such as a vastly improved task manager which now shows in one screen the number of cores, threads, current clock speed and network thoroughput. Although there's a lot of complaints about the start menu being removed, I prefer the power user menu they have put in its place as it gives quicker access to most of the items I used the start menu for.

It's also possible to set it to boot straight to the desktop and there's addins to bring back the start menu.


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