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Romney never fully conquered social media platform

When it comes to social networking, one cannot deny that reelected American President Barack Obama's campaign team thoroughly trumped Republican challenger Mitt Romney's team.  

Even a late push by Romney in Facebook "likes" was unable to close the gap, with the final count being nearly 3-to-1 in Obama's favor.  Mitt Romney can take pride in that analysts showed his smaller legion of fans to be more active in sharing content and liking his posts.

But as the President celebrates the title of "Most Popular Tweet in History", some of those same once-engaged Romney fans are abandoning their former Facebook friend.  Mitt Romney is seeing his social media stock rapidly sink.  A site called "Disappearing Romney" is tracking this trend real time -- updating how many fans his page has.

In the last 18 hours former Gov. Romney was losing nearly 1,000 supporters an hour, as each hour on average he was "unliked" by 982 former social media buddies.

Romney unliked
Romney's former fans are "unliking" him at a steady rate.
[Image Source: Disappearing Romney]

The former Massachusetts governor's Facebook effort was marred in the days leading up to the elections by allegations that some of his "likes" were due to some kind of glitch (or according to conspiracy theorists "hacking") on Facebook.  A number of people complained that their accounts mysteriously "liked" Romney and could not be changed.

Romney and Ryan sad
Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and his VP candidate Paul Ryan lost the social media race, with Barack Obama receiving nearly 3 times as many likes. [Image Source: AP/HR]

Of course take the President's social media cachet with a grain of salt.  Social media's most active members tend to skew to a younger demographic, and the younger demographic also tends to be remarkably consistent at being inconsistent in terms of voting and political fundraising.

In elections that are often decided by narrow margins in battleground states, one must wonder if a candidate who loses the social media battle by such a wide margin will be able to win in future elections, as social media's influence grows by the year.

Sources: Disappearing Romney, CNN

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RE: Let's be honest
By anactoraaron on 11/14/2012 10:51:37 AM , Rating: 2
So future generations have to pay for the sins of their forefathers into eternity?

Dangerous thinking, this is.

Why not say
"How long are us Germans going to have to pay for the sins of this Holocaust thing" "See? Jews are fine, they have their own country, their own leaders, they aren't being ruthlessly slaughtered and are allowed to reproduce..."

I would only wish that the sons of the fathers who committed these terrible acts would seek forgiveness for their father's actions and do everything they can to make a wrong right - NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.

RE: Let's be honest
By FITCamaro on 11/14/2012 12:13:39 PM , Rating: 2
I would only wish that the sons of the fathers who committed these terrible acts would seek forgiveness for their father's actions and do everything they can to make a wrong right - NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES.

Of course you would. To you the debt will never be repaid.

I don't hold Germans today accountable for what happened under Hitler. Those who committed those unspeakable acts are mostly dead now. The only thing that is important is to remember that it happened and why its wrong so that it never happens again. Germany was harshly punished by the world for its actions and that has now ended. Yes Germany still pays reparations for medical bills to those who survived the Holocaust but that will end when those people pass away. But if you can find me a living slave in America you'll have also discovered the world's oldest person.

Yes the US still has troops in Germany but that's not because the world is still fearful of Germany rising up to start another world war. Those bases were established to stop the threat from the Soviet Union back in the day and now exist to provide as first responders for any military action needed in that area of the world. My cousin is there right now.

According to you, the families of murderers and rapists are forever indebted to the family of the loved one who was killed or raped. And you also just admitted that essentially black people are justified for wanting the government to take care of them because of slavery in the past. We did make a wrong right by ending slavery and ending segregation.

If my father does something terrible, in no way am I responsible for his actions nor will I give whoever was involved anything for restitution. Germany signed an agreement to care for those it harmed. If Germans today don't like that, they can take it up with their government.

RE: Let's be honest
By anactoraaron on 11/14/2012 2:57:10 PM , Rating: 2
To you the debt will never be repaid.

whoa whoa whoa.. I never said anything of the sort. Great way to engage in polarized conversation, stereotype one person's beliefs with what kind of person you think they are. Reminds me of why the Republican party cost Mitt Romney the election (there's just so many people who want stuff and they think Obama will give them stuff). That kind of attitude towards people tends to piss them off. If you piss off enough people by lumping them together to what you say their ideals are - regardless how they actually are or how they individually differ - it will undoubtedly cost your party votes. And just because someone is 'opposed' to your opinion on one matter doesn't then give you the right to say what 'they must obviously be thinking'. Nothing could be further from the truth in this discussion. I do in fact see an eventual need to end affirmative action. Is it too hard for your brain to digest the concept that just because I think similarly to that dreaded 'liberal agenda' on this issue then 'I'm just one of those kind of people and this is how I obviously feel about it'?

It reminds me of that famous 47% comment. It's soooo much easier for simple people to lump a group of people together to focus your discontent at (a la liberals and conservatives) than separate them into individuals with different backgrounds with differing ideology. Why can't people be liberal about certain things and conservative about others? Why must one and only one ideal be the way to think about things?

In this case, there's only been a level playing field in education for realistically ONE generation (about 30 years or so), and that was with the help of affirmative action! Considering most white folks have had about 10 generations of preferential treatment when it comes to education there's still things that are needed to level the playing field to 'make up' for what was done to other folks in the past. Think about it... how many minority families that have lived here for the past 200 years can say 'My dad was a doctor, his dad was a doctor, and so on for X generations - that's right, NONE - but I'm sure that there's white folks that can say that! I'm not saying affirmative action should be around forever, but we shouldn't get rid of it right now just because a few black people have been able to be successful through education.

Couldn't help but notice you didn't respond to the Nascar comment. Nothing to say on that analogy then?

"Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment -- same piece of hardware -- paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that's a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be." -- Steve Ballmer

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