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Ballmer and Gates recognized that Microsoft needs to be more united internally across different divisions, and that change would be difficult with Sinofsky around

It turns out that Microsoft software head Steven Sinofsky's departure wasn't so sudden, and none other than Bill Gates was onboard with the decision. 

Sinofsky, former president of Microsoft's Windows and Windows Live division, announced that he was leaving the company yesterday after a little over 23 years with the tech giant. It was reported as a "sudden" move that no one expected, but new details behind the departure show that the decision was contemplated for a while and even backed by Microsoft co-founder and chairman Bill Gates. 

While Sinofsky was seen as a brilliant figure at Microsoft, his downfall was that he didn't get along with others within the company. He was notorious for picking fights with other executives, including current CEO Steve Ballmer, and even pushed former executives like chief software architect Ray Ozzie to quit. 

Sinofsky was key to the development of Windows 8, which was released October 26 and features an entirely new look and feel from the traditional Windows experience. However, Ballmer recognized that Microsoft needs to be more united internally across different divisions, and that change would be difficult with Sinofsky around. 

Typically, in other company disputes, Ballmer and Gates would back up Sinofsky. But that doesn't seem to be the case this time around. Microsoft is looking to change and integrate teams across various units within the company. Ballmer saw Sinofsky as an obstacle to getting to that point, and with Gates' support, decided to part ways with Sinofsky. 

All Things Digital heard rumors about Sinofsky's departure over the last few weeks, both from inside and outside of Microsoft's walls. 

While the decision to part ways with Sinofsky was a good thing in terms of moving Microsoft in a new direction, it also means the loss of a great mind that had a strong handle on Microsoft's software and innovation. Sinofsky may not be a team player, but he was great at what he did. Losing that sort of creativity and completely revamping the inner dynamic of how Microsoft's teams work will not be an easy task. 

Julie Larson-Green, who has worked with Microsoft since 1993, is replacing Sinofsky. She played a key role in program management, and UI design/research for Windows 7 and Windows 8. So we'll see if Larson-Green can stand up to the challenge and fill Sinofsky's shoes while complying with the new integrated direction Microsoft is looking to take. 

Sinofsky's leave is eerily similar to that of the recently departed Scott Forstall, Apple's former VP of iOS Software. Forstall was let go in late October after 15 years with Apple due to recent issues with iOS 6's maps and his tendency to not get along with other Apple execs. 

Source: AllThingsD

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Time to fix the OS
By HoosierEngineer5 on 11/13/2012 3:13:09 PM , Rating: -1
Maybe it's time to get Windows 7 to be as stable as XP. Then move on to eye candy (or whatever it is that Windows 8 is trying to fix).

Slow down, get it right.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By Grast5150 on 11/13/2012 3:23:46 PM , Rating: 5
How about you use applications/hardware designed for Windows 7. What are you smoking? I cannot remember the last time I say a BSOD for Windows 7. I still have XP in production for certian business types and still see BSOD for XP all the time.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By HoosierEngineer5 on 11/13/12, Rating: 0
RE: Time to fix the OS
By EasyC on 11/13/2012 3:42:59 PM , Rating: 2
Windows 7 is worlds better in stability than XP. As a software architect myself, I despised XP and it's bi-yearly reinstallation just to keep the OS working fast. God forbid you leave your machine running 24/7.

Windows 7 has been rock solid in both stability and speed for months upon months even with 24 hour up time on my machines.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By HoosierEngineer5 on 11/13/12, Rating: 0
RE: Time to fix the OS
By nikon133 on 11/13/2012 7:15:30 PM , Rating: 5
And I have a small replica of original Star Trek Enterprise. Bridge can receive only two people, but ship is fully functional and I take it for a spin every weekend.

The only downside is, it can achieve only Warp 1 speed.

I will believe you if you believe me.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By kleinma on 11/13/2012 4:42:29 PM , Rating: 2
In what way is Windows 7 not stable? In what way is Windows 8 not stable?

Outside of hardware makers who write crap kernel mode drivers which can bring down a system (hardly Microsoft's fault), these operating systems are extremely stable.

There is virtually no case one could make on how Windows XP is better than Windows 7, unless they want to make some nonsense comment about minimum ram requirements or some dumb thing that is irrelevant. I am all ears to how XP is more stable than Windows 7 though... enlighten me.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By corduroygt on 11/13/12, Rating: 0
RE: Time to fix the OS
By Gungel on 11/13/2012 5:44:15 PM , Rating: 2
Don't buy cheap hardware with crappy drivers and you won't have any issues with Windows 7.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By corduroygt on 11/13/2012 6:27:42 PM , Rating: 2
Unfortunately even expensive laptops have issues with bad drivers.
If Microsoft made their own preimium laptops like they did with the Surface tablets, they'd have a good chance to compete with Apple in the $1K+ space.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By Gungel on 11/13/2012 9:13:50 PM , Rating: 3
What brand name Notebooks have problems with Windows 7? I have bought many notebooks and desktops with Windows 7 on it but have yet to see a BSOD cause by drivers.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By corduroygt on 11/13/2012 10:42:51 PM , Rating: 1
Ones that come with crappy AMD switchable graphics or some other manufacturers who make their driver page so obscure. I have personally experienced crap like this from Sony and Toshiba.

I am completely against having hardware and OS from different vendors. You end up with crap. That's why I'm against any Android phone except for Nexus and any Windows device not manufactured by Microsoft themselves. OS should be nothing more than firmware.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By ClownPuncher on 11/13/2012 5:44:16 PM , Rating: 2
We want two Apple's?

RE: Time to fix the OS
By corduroygt on 11/13/2012 7:17:28 PM , Rating: 2
Yes, so we won't have to choose apple to buy something that just works without being dependent on multiple vendors.

RE: Time to fix the OS
By ClownPuncher on 11/14/2012 2:34:27 PM , Rating: 2
Over all of the hardware and software configs I've run in the last several years, I've maybe had a single driver issue among them.

"If you look at the last five years, if you look at what major innovations have occurred in computing technology, every single one of them came from AMD. Not a single innovation came from Intel." -- AMD CEO Hector Ruiz in 2007

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