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iPhone 5 is expected to take the top spot in Q4

Research firm Strategy Analytics has announced its smartphone market share numbers for Q3 2012. The numbers show that Samsung Galaxy S III overtook the Apple iPhone 4S to become the world's best selling smartphone for Q3.

Samsung shipped 18 million Galaxy S III smartphones during Q3 of 2012. The quantity of units shipped gave Samsung's smart phone 11% of the smartphone market globally. Strategy Analytics attributes the Galaxy S III's large touchscreen and extensive distribution around the world along with generous operator subsidies as the main reasons for the smartphones success.

Apple shipped 16.2 million iPhone 4S smartphones, giving it second place in the global smartphone market. Much of the reason that the iPhone slipped from the top spot was because consumers were holding off to purchase the anticipated iPhone 5 at the end of Q3. Apple shipped 6 million units of the iPhone 5 in Q3 of 2012 with very little time on market.
The total number of smartphones shipped in Q3 of 2012 added up to 167.8 million.

The Samsung Galaxy S III grew its market share significantly between Q2 of 2012 and Q3 growing from 3.5% to 10.7% of the global market. Comparatively, the iPhone 4S slipped from 12.7% of the market in Q2 of 2012 to 9.7%. The brand-new iPhone 5 grabbed 3.6% of the market.
However, the research firm expects the win for Samsung to be very short-lived. Strategy Analytics says that it expects the iPhone 5 to out ship the Galaxy S III in Q4 2012 allowing the iPhone to regain the title as the world's most popular smartphone.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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By AnonsDBate on 11/8/2012 12:41:35 PM , Rating: 3
GOOGLE, INC purchased Motorola Mobility for the hardware copyrights and patents, so no sir you're incorrect, its both an OS and hardware. Both Apple and Google have partners licensed to construct their products, foxconn and samsung; Google/motorola has HTC, Samsung, LG, then cheaper mid-entry manufacturer. debunk your debate right here, because you can't excluded Google's successful business model to get their devices to the poor folks. Windows won that war two decades ago against Mac, and Steve Jobs was complaining back then too. Apple's IOS is just a glorified Application Draw with zero customization ability with a wallpaper backing and icon replacement. boring. apple's has its ONLY strong point, the "apps" and ecosystem. guess what android has the same crap now too. ecosystem, isn't google gaining ground in their own ecosystem? i believe that painful jump to the new pin connector could be a gamble for apple.

you want to compare that iturd to GS3 or Note 2 in sales, based on your debate iphone is premium, but its not. please explain how? lets not count those cheap mid-entry android phones, but because apple put on a $600 price tag on the iphone 5 then it must be premium. no, just a premium rate for idiots to pay. Iphone 5 doesn't do as much, its old news and tweaked old technology to milk you suckers into another tiring same phone. same formula, a new a6 chip and an awkward 3.6 inch screen that got an inch added to the bottom, and a lighting connector. totally worth $600 because its metal and glass casing. oh is ios 6, oh my god. how can i live with the slide down notification bar that was stolen from android, but wait google didn't sue, sue, or sue. i wonder why, hmm because their not scumbags. panorama mode old technology, Android 4.2 innovates that into 3D world photo now. In one year, we'll see what you'll be using for a device

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