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Microsoft/Nokia/AT&T are going for the throat with Lumia 920 pricing

Is $99 for the Nokia Lumia 920 cheap enough to make you switch to Windows Phone 8?
  • I'm already on Windows Phone (472 votes)
  • I'm still on (iOS, Android, Blackberry OS) and am not ready to make a switch (3,097 votes)
  • For $99, I'll make a move (963 votes)
  • Even if it were free, I still wouldn't switch to Windows Phone (1,085 votes)

  • 5,617 total votes

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Those of us still on contract ..
By cbf on 11/8/2012 11:57:41 AM , Rating: 2
.. can't easily answer this question.

So, yes, I'd love a $99 Lumia 920 (or 922). I'm quite unhappy with my Motorola Photon (which Motorola now says will never get ICS, let alone anything newer). It's laggy, buggy, etc. Have to reboot it often.

But I've got a year to go.

I think next time I will try hard not get a subsidy phone. That likely means T-Mobile. I'm disappointed that Nokia sold exclusive rights to AT&T for the 920. I hope they got a lot for it. AT&T and Verizon are too expensive for what you get.

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