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Microsoft/Nokia/AT&T are going for the throat with Lumia 920 pricing

Is $99 for the Nokia Lumia 920 cheap enough to make you switch to Windows Phone 8?
  • I'm already on Windows Phone (472 votes)
  • I'm still on (iOS, Android, Blackberry OS) and am not ready to make a switch (3,097 votes)
  • For $99, I'll make a move (963 votes)
  • Even if it were free, I still wouldn't switch to Windows Phone (1,085 votes)

  • 5,617 total votes

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RE: You Wouldn't Get One if it Was Free?
By adrift02 on 11/6/2012 5:10:54 PM , Rating: 2
In fact, maybe that's already Microsoft's plan. Release their own phone/hardware at a subsidized no-contract price. The rumors are there anyways...

RE: You Wouldn't Get One if it Was Free?
By othercents on 11/7/2012 9:04:24 AM , Rating: 2
Price isn't the issue and I still don't see Microsoft gaining a large portion of the market unless they build in must have features that no other vendor can match. The Skype functionality could be a big portion of those features, but even that alone doesn't overcome the application deficit we see today. The number of people happy with their current smart phones is more than 5x the number of people upset and willing to switch to something else. Happy people just don't switch to something different because it is new and shiny.

I have a WP7 and I like the features I have. I didn't like all the applications on the iPhone especially how the applications are organized (or disorganized). There are features I would like, alert tones needs updating, I wish there was video chat on windows live messenger, and I would like to see more apps, but overall the phone has been good. I wouldn't say it is better than current iPhones or Android phones, but it is different and it will come down to preference even if Microsoft releases a must have feature.

One positive on WP8 is that new computers and new tablets from Microsoft will run similarly making the Metro navigation more familiar.


By lifewatcher on 11/9/2012 9:56:28 AM , Rating: 2
To me the price IS an issue, as with most things I buy. Microsoft is trying to make a splash on a saturated marked (Blackberry and Palm squeezed out). I don't see even a hint of them trying to subsidize their products. Looks like they got too cocky with the preliminary positive feedback for their new phones and tablets. Lumia 920 might be $99 for ATT, but for VZW, people are expected to pay that much for Lumia 820 (well, 822). On a 2 year contract, these phones are supposed to be free, in order to gain market share.
We'll find out soon how brilliant Microsoft's marketing is...

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