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Ballmer makes the pitch for Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone barely registers in the minds of customers looking to purchase smartphones. Most of the general populous walking into a mobile store these days has already predetermined that they will select an iPhone or one of the members from the growing Android Army. RIM's Blackberry OS and Windows Phone are continuing to take a backseat in the lucrative smartphone market.
With this is mind, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is still confident that things will change with Windows Phone 8. The recently launched smartphone operating system definitely looks slick, but is it compelling enough to attract not only new customers, but also legions of developers to make the platform thrive?

In a recent launch event in Israel, Ballmer seemed to disregard RIM and said that Microsoft is working with a number of OEM partners to make Windows Phone 8 a "really strong third participant" in the market.
Ballmer also went on to say that Windows Phone is "still relatively small", but that he "Expect[s] the volumes on Windows Phone to really ramp quickly."
When it comes to enthusiasm for the platform, we know that Ballmer is all in. The boisterous CEO recently narrated a commercial that showcases the highlights of Windows Phone 8.

Source: Reuters

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Build it they should come....
By othercents on 11/5/2012 9:09:07 AM , Rating: 2
...but also legions of developers to make the platform thrive?

Why wouldn't developers who are cross platform (iOS & Android) go ahead and port their applications to Windows Phone 8? With Windows Phone 7 this type of move was difficult, however with Windows Phone 8 and the integration of the different programing libraries you should be able to do this with very little effort. At least less effort than it would get from sales.

As long as the developer is actually out to sell more apps the move to WP8 would be a no brainer.

RE: Build it they should come....
By drycrust3 on 11/5/2012 1:32:03 PM , Rating: 2
however with Windows Phone 8 and the integration of the different programing libraries you should be able to do this with very little effort.

One of the big problems MS (and Blackberry, and anyone else entering the market) faces is that when a current smartphone user walks into a store to buy a new phone, they already have in their mind essential apps that they believe they need on their phone. In addition, commercial companies are making apps available that help their customers do business with them.
As such, a smartphone user looking for a new phone is either going to stay where they are or, if they are going to change operating systems, is more likely to migrate towards one with a large enough application library that it has these apps (or better) in it.
The easier it would be for developers to migrate their apps from iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc, to WP8 the better it is for Microsoft.
I don't think Microsoft have got themselves into the position Kodak have found themselves in, where they have left their run too late, but every month (and worse, every Christmas) they dilly dally in getting phones on store shelves makes their ability to dominate the market more difficult.
The big thing in Microsoft's favour is the weakness of Google's (and others) patent portfolios to protect Android in the USA. The way things are heading is it could easily be that manufacturers wanting a market presence within the USA are forced to sell phones with WP8 on it.

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