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Samsung's Galaxy S III continues to be a big seller

Apple may be basking in glory of the iPhone 5, but Samsung has a heavyweight champion of its own in the smartphone sector. Samsung this weekend announced that it has shipped 30 million of its latest flagship smartphone: the Galaxy S III.
The Galaxy S III has only been on the market since May, so that makes the feat even more astounding. Incredibly, the Galaxy S III's sales performance vastly outpaces that of its predecessor -- it took Samsung 14 months to cross the 30 million unit sales threshold with the Galaxy S II.
The Galaxy S III played a big roll in Samsung's blockbuster Q3 earnings report. The South Korean company saw $7.4 billion in profit (up 90 percent from the same period a year ago), which was mostly buoyed by 56.3 million smartphones shipped during the quarter.

Samsung has also struck a cord with audiences with its humorous television commercials that poke fun at rabid Apple fans that wait in long lines to purchase the latest iDevice.

Source: BusinessWeek

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Lots of news about the GS3 recently...
By JBird7986 on 11/5/2012 9:49:13 AM , Rating: 1
Always glad to see good things happening for the Galaxy S III as an owner of the phone. Hopefully this kind of popularity (and the fact that a significant portion of these sales are for owners on two year contracts) will mean that the phone is supported for a while by Samsung with updates. That's been my one huge disappointment with Android thus far, especially seeing as how my HTC Hero got the shaft for Froyo two days after I bought the thing. The Jelly Bean OTA update also began rolling out to Sprint Galaxy S3 owners last week. My phone updated yesterday, and all I can say is so far so good. I'm enjoying the tweaks that they made to the system in Jelly Bean so far.

I realize that most people who own a GS3 don't even have 4.1 yet (especially if they're not with Sprint), but I say bring on 4.2!

By ShaolinSoccer on 11/5/2012 1:07:45 PM , Rating: 2
Sprint here. Got jellybean on GS3 a few days ago.

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