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UK judges to Apple: "Not good enough!"

Last week, Apple posted a notice on its UK website which indicated that Samsung didn't copy the iPad when it designed the Galaxy Tab family of tablets. Of course, Apple didn't do this out of the kindness of its heart -- it was ordered to do so by a UK court.
In keeping with Apple’s typical demeanor towards its competitors, the notice posted on its website was rather flippant and pointed to how the Samsung tablets weren’t deemed to be as “cool” as the iPad. Apple also pointed out in its notice that it had won judgments against Samsung in both German and U.S. courts.
It appears, however, that UK judges weren't amused by Apple's play on words, and called the Cupertino, California-based company's statements "incorrect" and "untrue".
According to Bloomberg News, the U.K. Court of Appeal in London has ordered Apple to remove the notice from its website within 24 hours to correct the inaccuracies. It also has to post a new, revised version within 48 hours.
“I’m at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this,” said a puzzled Judge Robin Jacob. “That is a plain breach of the order.”
One of Samsung's lawyers, Henry Carr, piled on by starting that Apple's original notice left the “impression that the U.K. court is out of step with other courts” by mentioning the judgments in Apple's favor by German and U.S. courts.

Source: Bloomberg

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RE: fail
By ComputerJuice on 11/1/2012 3:36:25 PM , Rating: 2
if its not obvious: he is just doing what he is paid to do.

RE: fail
By inperfectdarkness on 11/2/2012 1:25:16 AM , Rating: 2
What's funny is, if it were anyone else, they'd probably have just given up and stopped using the account after it was already discovered to be operated by a paid shill (see: Astroturfing).

Unsurprisingly, because it is apple, reality doesn't apply. So even though we know who/what he is, he continues to deny it and proceed about his shill-ishness. That everyone on here can see through his phony disguise is irrelevant.

He might as well post random "your argument is invalid" GIF's.

RE: fail
By spaced_ on 11/2/2012 2:05:59 AM , Rating: 4
I don't know if it's actually the case. If Tony were getting paid it'd exonerate him of his behaviour.

But if it's not obvious, Apple marketing has inspired quite zealous cultist like behaviour. They don't have to pay people to behave in this way.

It's genius from Steve Jobs. He obviously had some good teachers when he was learning marketing at school. He was obviously well known for his charisma and ability to make reality different when he was around.

Many religions/cults start out in similar ways. Have you ever tried to convert someone who's religious to seeing a different point of view? Look at how scientology works. It's really not all that different. I was thinking it'd be fun to start up my own religious cult when I was young (to make money). Many humans are easy to manipulate.

You don't need to pay people to preach, they do it because they believe in it. You can convince people to follow you if you have the knack.

RE: fail
By inperfectdarkness on 11/3/2012 5:46:25 AM , Rating: 2
Uncle Dave from Postal is my idol.

"Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life" -- Steve Jobs

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