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It has proved effective with prostate cancer and HIV biomarkers

A new sensor not only provides early stage test results for diseases accurately, but these results can also be seen by the naked eye. 
Researchers from Imperial College London, led by Professor Molly Stevens and Dr. Roberto de la Rica, have created a sensitive sensor that can offer visible test results for early stage diseases like prostate cancer and HIV. 
The sensor does this by measuring biomarkers. It analyzes serum from blood in a container and looks for biomarkers like Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) for prostate cancer or p24 for HIV. If a result is positive, irregular clumps of nanoparticles are formed and create a blue color in the solution within the container. If the result is negative, the nanoparticles separate into balls and give off a red color in the solution. Both colors can be seen by the naked eye. 
"We have developed a test that we hope will enable previously undetectable HIV infections and indicators of cancer to be picked up, which would mean people could be treated sooner," said de la Rica. "We also believe that this test could be significantly cheaper to administer, which could pave the way for more widespread use of HIV testing in poorer parts of the world." 
But that's not all. The sensor can detect positive results in those with "low viral loads," meaning an earlier diagnosis (hence, earlier treatment) than traditional tests like the Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) test. 
The test can be altered to detect other diseases as well, but more research and testing is needed in order to get the sensor to low-income countries. 

Source: Eurekalert

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By PresidentThomasJefferson on 10/31/2012 11:21:12 AM , Rating: -1
just like MRI machines (invented by gov public University of Nottingham as well as gov public University of Illinois-Champagne), all of UK's universities are public gov universities(except for 1 libertarian funded one that started in the 1970s), including the university & hospital that gov employee Dr. Fleming was at while he discovered penicillin/antibiotics in 1928 at the university research hospital.

However, UK had a conservative gov that tried to balance it's budget, cut spending, etc & refused to further fund develop penicillin (neither did the private sector).

It took the massive gov deficit spending(aka money creation) of the US during WW2 to get the funding for years 12+ years later to develop & mass produce penicillin & other antibiotics

I mention this because we're all familiar with how great the private sector is at innovation & invention for science/technology but most people don't know that gov deficit spending(aka money creation) is responsible for huge advances in science/technology/economy...

such as nuclear power for it's first 30 yrs where it relied on gov subsidies & funding to invent/develop nuclear power,

..and the above were direct inventions by gov employees (ya, gov creates jobs despite libertarian propaganda that says it doesn't by morons ignorant of the history of science)

and more so,
the first computers were funded for years by gov for computing census & artillery ballistic charts, missile trajectories, etc

Most people also don't realize that most of the US economy is dependent on private bank money creation (offiicial data shows that over 50% of US economy is money creation by private banks aka as loans/credit --when banks reduce money creation(aka lending) such as during 2008, new car sales dropped from 16 million to 8 million, real estate sales/construction funding stops, etc... leading to spiral of cuts in production, layoffs, etc)...

Here is scientific data & empirical evidence why taxes should be cut while deficit spending should be increased to improve stagnant economies (despite popular myth, the real reason for hyperinflation in Weimar Germany was shortages caused by 90% drop in production as almost all their industrial sector went on strike for 8+ months to protest war reparations & confiscation of their industrial goods by the FRench/Belgian army
Zimbabwe's hyperinflation was caused by shortages due to the 30%-57% drops in production in all their sectors from dictator Mugabe expelling almost all the white population, who made up most of the educated, skilled, professional, managerial workers & replacing them with uneducated peasants who had no idea how to run a factory, agribusiness, etc:

1. Oil/energy prices cause inflation, NOT federal deficits -evidence/facts here:
2. Daily Economics Verifiable EVIDENCE by CEO/MBA economist at &

3.'s fact-based intro on how modern currency systems work -Modern Monetary Realism vs. the most destructive myths of false outdated gold-standard based theories most politicians/economists operate under

"And boy have we patented it!" -- Steve Jobs, Macworld 2007

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