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Slightly-more-restrained Ballmer refrains from yelling or chair throwing

It's been a big week for Microsoft Corp. (MSFT).  On Friday Windows 8 and the Surface tablet launched.  And on Monday Windows Phone 8 enjoyed a global launch.  And just like that, the world got a taste of Microsoft's all-inclusive next-generation platform.

Following yesterday's WP8 excitement, a new commercial for the smartphone OS has popped up on YouTube, narrated by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

In the video he pitches, "There's a lot of people in the world.  And they all have something to say.  Many have sort of advice.  So, so, so much advice.  Some of that advice is really useful... But there's one piece of advice I'd give to everyone.  That's me; and this MY Windows Phone."

The new phone showcases the HTC Corp. (TPE:2498) 8X, which irked some Nokia Oyj. (HEX:NOK1V) fans.  Quips one fan, "Steve can use his htc, but I'm going for the lumia 920, FINALLY! :P"

Still, most of the reaction seems positive thus far.

Steve Ballmer actually has quite a long history of pitching Microsoft products.  Years before becoming CEO he gave an infamous, highly entertaining commercial pitch to buy Windows 1.0.  He's grown a bit more restrained over the years, but he still loves make a pitch for the company he leads.

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RE: Steve Ballmers goofiness aside...
By W00dmann on 10/31/2012 3:45:26 PM , Rating: 1
I disagree.

Windows Phone is fugly.

Windows 8 is, by definition, also fugly.

It is beyond me that MS could throw billions of dollars and develop something as hideous as that monochrome, uninviting, EGA-inspired, hard-edged, sterile, crap UI. And in the case of Windows 8, it offers virtually no tangible benefit over its predecessor. It boggles my mind.

I use Microsoft products all the time, but I truly feel they have lost their way as a company.

By Florinator on 11/2/2012 12:33:08 PM , Rating: 2
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I digress...

Here is some reading for you (what Windows 8 is based off of, in terms of graphic design - Swiss Graphic Design):

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen

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