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There are only 1,000 spots available in the current registry

Valve has announced that it is allowing users to apply for the Steam for Linux beta.
Valve is specifically looking for experienced users that are familiar with Linux and are running Ubuntu 12.04 or above. This is likely because it's in the way early stages and needs a good debugging. Users that are newer to Linux are being asked to wait until the next beta release to apply. 
There are only 1,000 spots available in the current registry, so those who fit the bill can sign up through their Steam accounts. Valve will follow up with users afterward. 
Steam is a digital distribution, multiplayer and communications platform that distributes video games online from small developers to larger software companies. 

Source: Joystiq

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RE: I am in favor of this...
By Mike Acker on 10/30/2012 7:40:36 AM , Rating: 2
hopefully we won't ever run adobe on Linux

I have now switched to UBUNTU 12.04

it's more than a promise: it works.

It comes with Firefox (browser) Thunderbird (e/mail)
LibreOffice ( office equ, and at no charge ) .

But the real difference is in the construction of the o/s
suggested reading

it's a bit dated but still relevant.

msft is focusing heavily on sandboxing apps in Win8 and this is a very good thing. but it won't fix the problem with RPCs. those are the core of Windows

"It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I'm okay with that." -- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner

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