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Starter kit with three bulbs is $199

Philips has announced what may well be the most advanced LED light bulb ever. The new bulb is called the Philips hue and claims to be the world's smartest web-enabled LED home lighting system. The hallmark of the bulb is that it can be controlled using an application that runs on Apple gadgets such as the iPhone.

The wireless connectivity between the iPhone app and the light bulbs allows the user to create and personalize the color of light within each room of the home. The hue will be available exclusively in Apple stores starting on October 30. A starter kit will be available that includes three bulbs that screw into existing lamps or light sockets.

The starter kit also includes a required network bridge that plugs into the Wi-Fi router inside the home. Once the bulbs are installed and the adapter is connected to your Wi-Fi router, the bulbs are ready to be controlled. Philips says that the hue system can be set up in only a few minutes and that the system is designed to be upgradable to allow future expansion.

The bulbs can be tuned to create various shades of white light and can also create any color light you want. The system also allows the user to create light scenes for each room or specific times of the day that can be recalled in an instant. You can also use pictures that you've taken with your phone as a color palette to create lighting that is shown in the photo.

The system also supports the creation of timers to manage settings automatically and lights can be controlled remotely when not at home for security. The system also has a timer that allows you to wake to light rather than a noisy alarm clock. The app also has four preset LightRecipes that Philips says its researchers found to have beneficial effects on the body.

Jeroen de Waal, Head of Marketing & Strategy at Philips Lighting commented:  “Philips hue is a game-changer in lighting – a completely new way to experience and interact with light. In the way phones, media and entertainment have been revolutionized by digital technology, now we can also personalize light and enjoy limitless applications. Philips continues to redefine the possibilities of LED technology, and hue pushes the boundaries even more, not only in offering great light quality, but in how lighting can be digitized and integrated with our world to further simplify and enhance our lives.” 

The three-bulb starter kit will cost $199 and individual bulbs will cost $59 each.

Source: Philips

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Is this 910 lumens?
By phazers on 10/29/2012 11:07:58 AM , Rating: 2
As was mentioned in the linked article? If so, not a bad light output. Typical cheap LED bulbs at Lowe's or Home Depot put out anywhere from 200 - 450 lumens which is not sufficient for general room lighting despite what they say. IIRC a typical 60W incandescent bulb is around 900 lumens light output and most people would consider that fairly dim - you would want several bulbs for general lighting in one room. So I would imagine $200 just to light one room would be too expensive for Joe Blow, but maybe just right for Justin Long :D..

My wife owns a nail salon with drop lights over the spa pedicure chairs - I'm replacing the 100W incandescent floods with BR30 LED floods with 1150 lumen output at $30 a bulb. Not only will pay for itself in about a year (these lights are on 8-10 hours a day, 7 days a week), but also save the hassle of having to change the bulbs every 9-10 months or so..

For anyone willing to put up with a remote control controlling the bulb directly, you can get a color-programmable bulb, 400 lumens or so, for a bit over $6 on

RE: Is this 910 lumens?
By kaborka on 10/29/2012 4:08:09 PM , Rating: 2
Be careful with CFLs for extended close-range use:

I'm waiting on a viable LED replacement for a 1700 lumen 100W bulb. GE is supposed to release one next year.

RE: Is this 910 lumens?
By euclidean on 10/31/2012 1:35:37 PM , Rating: 2
??? I don't see anywhere in his post mentioning CFLs....

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