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Samsung Galaxy S III  (Source:
Samsung did well, but many worry that it won't see this amount of money rolling in next year as the smartphone market continues to grow competitive

Samsung reported strong financial earnings in the third quarter, but now faces slowed smartphone momentum in the future as the market gets more crowded.

Samsung posted $7.4 billion USD in Q3 2012 operating profit. Net profit rose 90 percent to $5.9 billion USD. 

During the third quarter, Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones, giving it a global market share of 31.3 percent. Apple only sold 26.9 million iPhones in the same quarter. The Samsung Galaxy S III alone accounted for 18-20 million shipments from July to September.

While Samsung did well in the smartphone department, particularly with its Galaxy line of devices, it didn't do so hot in chip sales. The chip division dropped 28 percent to $1 billion USD.

Samsung rocked a healthy profit overall this quarter, but many worry that the electronics maker won't see this amount of money rolling in next year as the smartphone market continues to grow competitive.

In fact, Samsung's profit is expected to grow 16 percent next year -- down from this year's predictions of 73 percent.

Samsung has other strong businesses, like tablets and OLED TVs, but analysts say these sectors aren't quite ready to sell the way that Galaxy is selling.

Samsung's tablets, in particular, haven't been able to keep up with the like of the iPad and Kindle Fire. Now, with the iPad Mini and Windows 8 tablets making a fresh appearance into the market (not to mention Google's Nexus 7 and a refreshed Kindle Fire HD line has made its way into the market), Samsung seems to continuously fall behind.

Samsung also took a hard hit with tablets due to its patent war with Apple. Apple worked pretty hard to ban Samsung's smartphones and tablets around the world, and successfully accomplished this in countries like Germany and Australia. Samsung launched a few lawsuits of its own regarding 3G patents, and was also able to lift the ban on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia in December 2011. However, Samsung wasn't so lucky in Germany, where the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still banned.

Back in August, a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California reached an unfavorable verdict for Samsung, saying that the South Korean electronics maker was guilty of violating technology patents. In other words, most of Samsung's smartphones and tablets in question were found guilt of copying Apple's iPhone and iPad designs. It was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages to Apple.

Earlier this week, Samsung Display decided to cut ties with Apple, saying it will no longer ship LCDs to Apple next year. Its LCD shipments to Apple have been cut more and more over time due to Apple wanting huge discounts, but the recent patent infringement drama couldn't have helped either.

More recently, an ITC judge found that Samsung violated four Apple patents, including
the flat front face with wider borders at the top and bottom, the lozenge-shaped speaker about the display screen; the translucent images for applications displayed on the screen, and the device's ability to detect when a headset is plugged in.

Samsung did get a little bit of relief in the UK, though, when a judge ordered Apple to post a notice on its UK site that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. Apple complied, but in a very snarky way.

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RE: Impressive
By testerguy on 10/28/2012 7:01:54 PM , Rating: 2
1. It doesn't cost more to the consumer in that scenario.
2. Thinner by a significant percentage.
2-5 - being thinner, less tall, and less wide is most definitely an advantage. For obvious reason. Trying to explain why it happens (ie by the screen) is a separate point and doesn't change the fact that it's significantly smaller and lighter. You're just explaining why it is. That doesn't change the fact it is. And larger isn't necessarily 'superior' as we proved above.
6. Good.
7-9 (all faster performance) - You say 'wait a few months'. I've already explained why that argument is ridiculous. It doesn't change the fact that the SG3 is significantly slower, and you're claiming that the SG3 represents better value. With future phones, we don't know their cost, so they cannot be included in our comparison.
10. Yes, you need to buy an Apple TV just like any solution involves purchasing hardware. You can plug an iPhone or iPad into a TV with a HDMI cable too, but wireless is far more convenient. In fact, I read somewhere that Airplay equivalent is the most Googled Android missing feature. The bottom line is that this facility surpasses anything you can do on Android and is a major benefit.
11. Good
12. If you need any of the hundreds of articles articulating more precisely the Malware numbers on Android vs iOS, just say the word and I'll link you several of them.
13,14 Sorry but it isn't 'Zealotry' to state evidenced facts. There are loads of customer satisfaction and reliability surveys and Apple consistently outperforms Samsung in them. You breeze over this like it's insignificant, but savvy customers care a lot about how reliable something is.
15. Whether the iPhone 4S wasn't superior in drop tests or not is irrelevant. We're talking about the iPhone 5. Stay focused. The iPhone 5 is superior in drop tests. Which means more durable, which again is something savvy consumers care about.
16. Actually the Wifi issue represents 50% of all complaints about the SG3 - so it's very widespread.
17. You can't remove all bloatware and I don't expect to have to waste my time removing it anyway.
18. You claim that 'IOS3 to IOS 6 is hardly an upgrade at all. Android upgrades really are upgrades so its harder to work in.' which is both completely subjective, complete unsubstantiated and biased nonsense. The fact is that the release and upgrade cycles on iOS is superior. Undeniable fact. Yet you deny it.
19. You said 'Ist that 18?' - sorry, but no. Getting upgrades instantly and getting upgrades for a long lifespan are two separate but equally relevant things. Android devices get completely dropped much quicker, so we have no reason to believe the SG3 will have long term support.
20. Your view on the SG3 is completely biased because you own one. All insecure people who buy a phone try to justify it after. Anandtech took a more objective and scientific approach and concluded that the iPhone is calibrated perfectly.
21. Even if Aluminium did scuff more, to customers it's a more desirable material.
22. Plugging accessories in which aren't available on ANY phone is not the same as 'buying another phone'. The FACT is that there are more accessories for the iPhone, which makes it more feature-full and expandable. Good examples are speaker docking stations of which there is far more choice on the iPhone.
23. Nope, 12 was Malware, the vulnerability was a whole different security failure.
24. Recording a lot of pictures per second is actually extremely important to amateur photographers, it allows you to capture many shots over a few seconds and pick the best one.
25. You don't see the purpose of being able to sync your Outlook emails onto your phone?
26. The brightness on the SG3 is lower than that of the iPhone and a widely documented flaw in many reviews.
27. Having to press the home button to take a picture is the point. On the iPhone the button is at the top right when you hold your phone like a camera. Far more convenient and another often made criticism of the SG3.

You say it's not about one phone, but it actually is. To claim that the iPhone offers less value for money you necessarily have to show an equally specced phone which is available for less. All of the above proves that an equally specced phone doesn't exist.

As I said before, they don't prove that the iPhone is the best phone (and I clearly don't think so because I haven't bought it) but they do prove that you can't objectively claim that the iPhone is less for more.

RE: Impressive
By goatfajitas on 10/28/2012 11:07:17 PM , Rating: 2
omg, testerguy wth is wrong with you? are you really that deluded or do you skew facts on purpose? either way it's equally rediculous. google yourself the term "self awareness" and do some thinking. you really need to stop. you are just making yourself look mentally imbalanced.

anyone slightly technically inclined knows that you get more with android. more options, cheaper prices and better fitting phones to your personal needs. that is why it is outselling iphone 4 to 1. i cant tell if you are just delusional or skewing things to troll, either way you need to stop.

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