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Samsung Galaxy S III  (Source:
Samsung did well, but many worry that it won't see this amount of money rolling in next year as the smartphone market continues to grow competitive

Samsung reported strong financial earnings in the third quarter, but now faces slowed smartphone momentum in the future as the market gets more crowded.

Samsung posted $7.4 billion USD in Q3 2012 operating profit. Net profit rose 90 percent to $5.9 billion USD. 

During the third quarter, Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones, giving it a global market share of 31.3 percent. Apple only sold 26.9 million iPhones in the same quarter. The Samsung Galaxy S III alone accounted for 18-20 million shipments from July to September.

While Samsung did well in the smartphone department, particularly with its Galaxy line of devices, it didn't do so hot in chip sales. The chip division dropped 28 percent to $1 billion USD.

Samsung rocked a healthy profit overall this quarter, but many worry that the electronics maker won't see this amount of money rolling in next year as the smartphone market continues to grow competitive.

In fact, Samsung's profit is expected to grow 16 percent next year -- down from this year's predictions of 73 percent.

Samsung has other strong businesses, like tablets and OLED TVs, but analysts say these sectors aren't quite ready to sell the way that Galaxy is selling.

Samsung's tablets, in particular, haven't been able to keep up with the like of the iPad and Kindle Fire. Now, with the iPad Mini and Windows 8 tablets making a fresh appearance into the market (not to mention Google's Nexus 7 and a refreshed Kindle Fire HD line has made its way into the market), Samsung seems to continuously fall behind.

Samsung also took a hard hit with tablets due to its patent war with Apple. Apple worked pretty hard to ban Samsung's smartphones and tablets around the world, and successfully accomplished this in countries like Germany and Australia. Samsung launched a few lawsuits of its own regarding 3G patents, and was also able to lift the ban on its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia in December 2011. However, Samsung wasn't so lucky in Germany, where the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still banned.

Back in August, a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California reached an unfavorable verdict for Samsung, saying that the South Korean electronics maker was guilty of violating technology patents. In other words, most of Samsung's smartphones and tablets in question were found guilt of copying Apple's iPhone and iPad designs. It was ordered to pay $1.05 billion in damages to Apple.

Earlier this week, Samsung Display decided to cut ties with Apple, saying it will no longer ship LCDs to Apple next year. Its LCD shipments to Apple have been cut more and more over time due to Apple wanting huge discounts, but the recent patent infringement drama couldn't have helped either.

More recently, an ITC judge found that Samsung violated four Apple patents, including
the flat front face with wider borders at the top and bottom, the lozenge-shaped speaker about the display screen; the translucent images for applications displayed on the screen, and the device's ability to detect when a headset is plugged in.

Samsung did get a little bit of relief in the UK, though, when a judge ordered Apple to post a notice on its UK site that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. Apple complied, but in a very snarky way.

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RE: Impressive
By testerguy on 10/28/2012 7:01:19 PM , Rating: 2
LOL. Wow, what a long post for someone that claims to be un-biased

Because a long list of objective facts indicates bias, in your faux-logic world? Or because your reply isn't also long? So you admit your biased because by your own logic writing a long post indicates bias?

Lets keep in mind, I started out taking the benefits if the Android platform and you (knowing you cant win that debate) wanted to stear it to be about one phone

Er, no, that isn't the context. The context is that you described the iPhone as overpriced and I told you that given that it has numerous extremely important features / performance that no Android phone has, no single phone can be directly compared to it on price terms. You necessarily had to pick one or your comments were irrelevant.

1 - Larger screen - Yes it is and it is a good thing. Most people want larger screen, that is what is selling froa reason. Even Apple copied this feature and went up this round. You had an empty biased response

Actually, yours is the biased response. I stated a fact that for some people larger screen is a disadvantage, so it's not necessarily a good thing. You claim that 'most people want larger screen' - something not even provable, let alone a fact. The top 2 best selling phones of all time? iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Sorry, what sells phones, did you say? There are also people for whom factually one handed use is not possible on the larger screen. The bottom line is that this one is subjective, not objectively something better.

2 - Higher resolution screen. this is also true. Pentile isnt quite as good as std, but AMOLED's color rep. is just brilliant. Either you havent looked at a GS3 vs. an iPhone5 side by side (I have), or you are just parroting. While technically speaking the non-pentile may be higher quality, all in all the GS3 wins and it IS a higher res. An empty biased response

Feel free to read Anandtechs analysis on the colour accuracy of the iPhone 5 and how it's the best he's ever viewed to be factually proven wrong on this, too. Sorry but the number of pixels is inferior and calling 4 sub pixels 2 pixels doesn't change that. I've seen them side by side and I see the over-saturation of colours that everyone else sees.

3 - NFC - Yes, it is taking off. I am sure next year when Apple adopts it, it will suddenly be imoprtant LOL. An empty biased response

Sorry, but where I live, it isn't, at all. And when Apple adopts it, you're right, it will become important because people will start to use it. Right now, because the best selling phone ever (and 2nd best) doesn't have it, shops and industry in general are less likely to use it. It's an example of Apple driving the industry. But remember, I allowed this point. It is factually correct.

4 - Better Mapping Software. Sorry, you saying some prefer Apple maps means nothing. Google maps is widely known to be far better, and even on Android vs. IOS, its far better. Another rediclous response

Actually, saying 'Google Maps is widely known to be far better' is simply factually not true. My claim that many people prefer Apple maps to Googles illustrates that it is subjective and that nobody can objectively claim one is better than the other. You are confusing subjectivity with objectivity. Also, you ignored the fact that Google Maps for iOS is coming out, that there are numerous free alternatives and that you can use Google Maps in the browser.

5 - Plays HD Content (without downscaling) - this also is true. I watch it quote alot and its brilliant.

Sorry, but to me if you're not watching on full pixels, you're not watching HD. You're watching downscaled HD. Also, nobody watching 'downscaled HD' on the iPhone could perceive any difference due to the superior sub pixel density.

6 - Greater than 5x4 icons - Sorry, but on the iPhone you can have as many icons as you want by simply swiping through screens. - - LOL. I am talking about one scren you dolt. And 5x4 is lacking. Add it up, its 20 icons and its irritaing as hell to have to go through 5 home screens to get to all your regularly used apps. That defeats the point of a "Home" screen.

I catered for 1 screen by referring to jailbreaking, so you can do what you describe on iPhone. You don't have to scroll through 5 screens, either, you could have folders. This is such a minor, irrelevant cosmetic detail it doesn't belong next to my much more important points such as fundamentally faster hardware and longer battery life.

7 - Flexibility in OS. Wow, you really dont get it. It's not about the OS it's about options. They all have iconsand run the same apps. ITs not about what an OS lacks, its about what else you CAN do with it if you want it.

A whole lot of words which doesn't give a single useful end goal which you can achieve on Android and not on iOS.

8- Micro SD Card - yep, although you can buy a $2 adapter to use this - Yes, becasue its wonderful to carry around and adaptor when it should be built into the phone like everyone else has.

Yes, because it's such an issue to carry a tiny light adapter whenever you need to use an SD Card (which for iPhone users is generally never). Adding it into the phone would start to make the phone ugly, plastic and oversized, which is why people generally don't find Android handsets to be desirable or as well made as iPhones. Besides, I allowed this point because it's factually correct.

9 - Micro USB - Sorry what's the advantage here? Come on, we have been over this before. The thing is to not have to bring your own adaptor everywhere you go because every other phone built on Earth for the past 4-5 years uses the same one and you can charge it anywhere. The advantage is compatibility.

Sorry but, I get a charger with the phone. If I need to use it, I use it. Because iPhones and iPads are the best selling in their genres, also more of my friends have iPhone or iPad chargers than any other type. I've never had to call on that though, so this is a complete non issue. Also, the SG3 breaks compatibility with MHL devices despite claiming to offer MHL. Also, Lightning is reversible, MicroUSB is not - minor but actually more beneficial than your claim. Also, it is more capable than MicroUSB allowing HD video and audio, as well as charging, and control to be carried, which microUSB isn't capable of (which is why Samsung created their own bespoke non compatible 9 pin MHL adapter in the SG3). Besides, I conceded this one as factually correct.

10 - Plug and play as a flash drive to copy files. Again, you need an adaptor to carry around.

Only if I don't know how to send emails, or use Wifi, or a computer. Or my phones data plan, or any of the hundreds of other methods which there are to transfer files. Besides, I conceded this one as factually correct.

"You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling." -- Peter Moore, 24 hours before his Microsoft resignation

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