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Reaction to the introduction of the iPad mini yesterday was decidedly mixed. On the one hand, many Apple faithful praised the launch of the new tablet, which is half the weight of the third and fourth generation iPads, and can be palmed with one hand. On the other hand, many complained that it was simply a shrunken down iPad 2 with the same lackluster screen resolution. It also didn't help that many people felt that the 16GB iPad mini was overpriced at $329.
For example, Amazon's 7" Kindle Fire HD is priced at "only" $199, while a 32GB Google Nexus 7 will cost you $249. Even Barnes and Noble is hanging around in the budget realm with the 7" Nook HD, which is priced at $229. All of the aforementioned tablets have a higher screen resolution than the iPad mini.
With all the criticism of the iPad mini's pricing and specs, Apple' Phil Schiller has come to the rescue to defend Apple's newest tablet entry.

"The iPad is far and away the most successful product in its category. The most affordable product we've made so far was $399 and people were choosing that over those devices," said Schiller in an interview with Reuters.
"And now you can get a device that's even more affordable at $329 in this great new form, and I think a lot of customers are going to be very excited about that.”
Schiller believes that the $130 price premium over some competing tablets is worth it, and that the iPad mini will sell on its merits alone, not needing to compete on price. Apple points to the fact that the iPad mini is lighter, thinner, and has better built quality than the plastic-clad competition. And of course, Apple also points to 275,000 tablet-specific apps for the iPad platform versus a plethora of "stretched phone apps" for Android devices.
So, will customers buy into Apple's strategy?

Source: Reuters

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RE: No reasonable justification
By Freakie on 10/25/2012 12:47:36 AM , Rating: 2
Ermm... No. Apple makes a device and it makes all the services around it. From iTunes, to iCloud, to iBooks and the AppStore, everything about an iDevice is about Apple selling their services on top of their hardware. Apple could lower their profit margin a LOT on their devices and still profit off of every device because just like the Kindle, every iDevice is built around you buying more Apple products and products that Apple gets a cut of.

RE: No reasonable justification
By augiem on 10/25/2012 3:31:15 AM , Rating: 2
Take a look at Apple's annual report. Last I looked, they made about $1.4 billion in revenue from iTunes and all app sales. Their hardware sales made up almost the entire revenue and profit for the company. Apple is not going to cut their bread and butter just to fight Kindle and Nexus 7 when they're not doing much damage to its sales.

RE: No reasonable justification
By Insurgence on 10/25/2012 12:54:56 PM , Rating: 2
Actually Freakie, yes, Apple could do that, but they choose not to. So because of the way they choose to market their product, it is better compared to companies such as Motorola and Samsung. That does not mean that your opinion of the iPad Mini has to change. Personally I hate the specs for the premium price they are charging, but I still compare it to Motorola and Samsungs products, not Googles or Amazons.

But Like Augiem said, Apples Revenue is hardware based. Their hardware Q2 of 2012, Apple Generated $1.9 Billion in revenue from Itunes while total Q2 Revenue was $35 Billion. If I had a big gap like that between to products, I would aim to make money off of the more profitable one, not sell it at cost.

So with Apples primary products being hardware, it is still a better comparison to compare it to Samsung or Motorola, because once again, they are trying to make a profit off of the hardware they produce, not another product whose use is encouraged by the hardware. Google is making money off of their Data Collection, largely through the linked google services that are default to the devices, or through the selling or digital products through the play platform. Amazon and B&N are selling their products to sell their digital distribution platforms, although B&N has to sell more cost effective hardware or Amazon will smite them.

RE: No reasonable justification
By augiem on 10/25/2012 1:18:26 PM , Rating: 2
Their hardware Q2 of 2012, Apple Generated $1.9 Billion in revenue from Itunes

Wow, it has gone up a lot if that's just Q2. But I'm sure their hardware revenue has gone up a lot too.

I think in the long, long term hardware will become irrelevant as the cloud takes over more and more. At the point you can access your online world from anything like a tablet, kiosk, mirror, car dash, etc. hardware will start losing its value, especially as more and more things do actual processing on the server side as bandwidth increases. Hardware will become a dumb terminal for the cloud. That's Google's long-term plan -- to get you locked into their online eco system for entertainment, business, banking, communication, etc. But that future is still at least 10 years off.

RE: No reasonable justification
By Insurgence on 10/25/2012 1:38:44 PM , Rating: 2
Just to be clear since I screwed up that sentence. They generated 1.9 Billion in Q2 of 2012 from iTunes, while it was 35 Billion Net Revenue for the same quarter. I really should have reread what I typed.

But yeah, that is still a hefty chunk of change and a pretty decent growth.

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