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Thin is in at Apple

In case you haven't noticed, Apple is always on a mission to make its devices thinner. We saw that with the new iPhone 5, and we saw it again today with the new 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display.
Apple is now taking that extreme drive to makes its device thinner to the iMac. The new iMac is just 5mm thin, roughly 80 percent thinner than the previous generation model.
It includes an 80211n Wi-Fi, up to 3TB HDD, NVIDIA Kepler graphics, four USB 3.0 ports, GbE, Thunderbolt, and your choice of Core i5 or Core i7 processors. The new iMac also comes with 128GB of flash storage standard, which is then combined with 1TB to 3TB HDD.


Using what Apple calls "Fusion", the OS and all of your core applications are stored on the flash drive, while your user files and applications you don't use often are stored on the slower HDD. If you use applications that are stored on the HDD more often, they'll automatically be migrated over to the flash drive for faster access.
The 21.5" model (2.7GHz quad-core i5, 8GB, GeForce GT 640M, 1920x1080, 1TB) starts at $1,299. The 27" model (2.9GHz quad-core i5, 8GB, GeForce GT 660M, 2560x1440, 1TB) starts at $1,799. The 21" model will ship in November, while the 27" model will ship in December.

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RE: 5mm
By StevoLincolnite on 10/23/2012 9:34:52 PM , Rating: 4
The iMac will continue to be the top selling desktop computer in the US and Apple will continue to grow while the Wintel PC market shrinks. Which is nice.

Fanboy alert. - Take everything with a pinch of salt.

Also the best selling "Desktop" is home built systems, companies like Newegg built their business's on it.

RE: 5mm
By Argon18 on 10/24/2012 5:05:11 PM , Rating: 1
Huh? How old are you kid? "Wintel" is not a fanboy word. It's an industry term that's been in use since the early 1990's. I know, the word was commonplace when I was shopping for my brand new 25 Mhz 386DX. If it has an intel x86 processor, and runs a Microsoft OS, it's called a Wintel machine. It's an abbreviation for convenience sake. Like calling an Apple Macintosh a "Mac". Or calling Microsoft Windows 95 "Win95".

And no, home built systems are not the most popular in terms of market share. Home built PC's are for nerds without a girlfriend (myself included). Dell is the most popular consumer PC in terms of volume sales.

RE: 5mm
By Cheesew1z69 on 10/24/2012 6:37:49 PM , Rating: 3
Home built PC's are for nerds without a girlfriend

RE: 5mm
By Mr Joshua on 10/29/2012 7:11:29 AM , Rating: 2
No, home built PCs are for those of us who require specific levels of performance, either for gaming or in my case, for the software I need to operate my home business. They are also for those of us who detest the $hit quality of on-board everything, in my case a top end audio board with a decent DAC to feed my Marantz amp.

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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