Car 2 Car Communication would alert a driver to a fast approaching vehicle entering an intersection.  (Source: Volvo Cars)
System will allow vehicles to communicate speed and position among other details

Volvo is famous for safety features used in its vehicles. The company has now announced its intention to support new methods for improving safety with cars that are able to communicate with each other and the traffic environment. Volvo says the system allows vital information to be shared and exchanged to create a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

To jumpstart these efforts, Volvo has joined the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium. Volvo and other members of the consortium are aiming for a common platform for Car 2 Car communications that will be ready within five years.

"In the future we will have advanced exchange of vital information between vehicles such as their position, speed and direction," says Erik Israelsson, Project Leader Cooperative ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) at Volvo Car Corporation.

Volvo and other members are aiming for car communications that is able to function between all cars regardless of the vehicle make.

Vehicle to vehicle communications will be conducted via a wireless network said to be similar to a Wi-Fi network utilizing existing systems. The existing systems that Volvo and the other members hope to take advantage of include things like the GPS navigation system. Car 2 Car was granted a separate frequency to allow cars within a given radius to automatically be linked together and exchange information such as position, speed, and direction. Volvo says that by installing transmitters in the road infrastructure such as on road signs and traffic lights the communication network can be extended further.

Vehicles would be in communication with each other and traffic signals [Image Source: Volvo Cars]

"There is considerable potential in this area as well as opportunities for many benefits in many spheres over and above road safety, such as a more uniform flow of traffic and additional comfort for road users," relates Erik Israelsson.

The system has the potential to provide drivers with information such as how long it will be before the traffic light turns green and to help optimize traffic lights to allow vehicles to go through multiple intersections without stopping. The system can also be used to warn drivers of the presence of emergency vehicles and to warn about roadwork ahead. Car 2 Car Communication also has the potential to warn drivers of slow vehicles or stopped vehicles on the roadway and of traffic jams.
Another interesting safety feature that the system can provide is a “motorcycle approaching” indicator to help drivers know when the motorcycle is nearby.

Source: Volvo

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